The President awarded the 43 participants of the ATO

President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree, which was awarded to servicemen-participants of the antiterrorist operation in the Donbas.

On Monday January 23, the press service of the President.

«For personal courage, dedication and professionalism shown during the fighting and in the performance of official duties, were awarded 43 defender of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and National guard of Ukraine, as well as two military doctors», — is spoken in the message.

Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky II degree awarded the Colonel Sergey Baranovsky and Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Nesterenko. Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree – captain Sergei Gritsenko, major Sergey Zubenko, major Peter Cat, Colonel Maksim Marchenko, chief Roman piekarski, Lieutenant Nikolay Sulima, major Alexander Yaroslavtsev.

In particular, Lieutenant Colonel Nesterenko may 2014 taking part in the ATO. Officer in charge military unit, which carried out tasks on the mountain Karachun and near Semyonovka and seleznyovka situated and Krasny Liman, Donetsk region.

The order «For courage» of the III degree received senior Sergeant Sergey Thistle, soldier Andrey Galat, senior warrant officer Andrew Grimalyuk, Sergeant Igor Guba, Junior Sergeant Ivan Daroca, senior Sergeant Andrei Draganov, chief Andrey Kalita, Junior Sergeant Alexander Kurgan, soldier Taras Lukach, Sergeant Yuri Piddubenko, ensign Ruslan Pustovoit, Junior Sergeant Viktor Ruzhyn, soldier Anatoliy Ryaboshapko, senior Lieutenant Vladimir Nightingale and Sergeant Stanislav Shvets.

Sergeant Draganov and Sergeant Ruzhyn from March 2014 to perform tasks in the ATO area, including the airport in Donetsk and Kramatorsk airfield provided support for military APU. Was in the military, which was released Slavyansk, successfully stormed the Saur-Grave participated in securing the release of Ukrainian troops from debaltseve.

In units of the National guard of Ukraine with the order «For courage» ( degrees awarded Sergeant Yuri Antonov, Colonel Valery Koltsov, soldier , Alexander Korolev and Junior Sergeant Valery Marie.

Soldiers Queens January 2015 performs service-combat tasks in the ATO area. Repeatedly participated in the fighting, particularly in the area of Uglegorsk, Nikishin sat, Novogrigorovka, Logvinova, Chornukhyne, debaltseve, Donetsk region. Thanks to the resourcefulness and courage managed to evacuate military equipment from the enemy positions and with the territory controlled by the militants.

By Daniil Galitsky’s award the President awarded the Colonel George Kolos and major Andrey Shvets.

13 military and natsgvardia received medals «For faultless service» III degree, «Defender of the Fatherland» and «For military service to Ukraine».

Earlier, on January 13, President Poroshenko during a visit to the Central clinical hospital of state border guard service presented the awards to the border guards who took part and was wounded in the ATO.

The President awarded the 43 participants of the ATO 24.01.2017

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