The Pope and the Patriarch called on the faithful not to participate in the confrontation in Ukraine

Pope Francis and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill has called on the Church to refrain from participation in the confrontation in Ukraine.

According to the Religious information service of Ukraine, stated in the Joint Declaration, which is today, February 13, was signed by the Pope and the Russian Patriarch.

The topic of Ukraine devoted three paragraphs of the document.

«I hope that our meeting will contribute to the reconciliation between the Greek Catholics and the Orthodox where there is tension. Today it is obvious that the method of «Uniatism», in the past, in the sense of joining one community to another, away from his Church, is not the way to restore unity. However, the Christian community, appearing in such historical circumstances, have the right to exist and to accomplish everything that is necessary to meet the spiritual needs of its believers, at the same time, striving to live in peace with its neighbours. Orthodox and Greek Catholics require reconciliation and to find mutually acceptable forms of co-habitation», — the document says.

The heads of both Churches also urged the faithful to refrain from participating in the confrontation, which continues in Eastern Ukraine: «Sick about the conflict in Ukraine that already led to many victims, caused untold suffering to civilians and society has led to a severe economic and humanitarian crisis. Call on all parties to the conflict to prudence, social solidarity, and for effective peace-building. Call on our Churches in Ukraine to work towards achieving social harmony, to refrain from participating in opposition and to support its continued development».

As reported, the head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill signed a joint Declaration.

February 12, Pope Francis met in Havana with the Russian Patriarch Kirill.
Question on the meeting of Pope and Patriarch discussed the two churches for about 20 years.

The Pope and the Patriarch called on the faithful not to participate in the confrontation in Ukraine 14.02.2016

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