The polygraph told SBU that Krasnov was spying for Russian secret services and were preparing terrorist attacks

The validation results of Chapter Civil building «Azov-Crimea» Stanislav Krasnov indicate that he collected and transferred to the Russian intelligence intelligence information for a fee.

On Wednesday 23 March, said the head of the security service of Ukraine Volodymyr Hrytsak, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«That said, the polygraph? According to the research results the responses received and registered an increased physiological reaction, which with a probability of 98% shows that the Krasnov collected and transferred information of an intelligence nature to the personnel officers of the Russian special services. He kept the communication channels that are used for the transmission of intelligence and contacts with personnel officers of the Russian special services, in particular, with Constantine Goloskokov«, — he said at a briefing in Kiev.

According to Hrytsak, the results of the polygraph also indicate that Krasnov was received from the Russian special services pay for the provision of intelligence and funding for the organization of terrorist attacks in Ukraine.

We will remind, on the night of 28 February, the security Service of Ukraine detained in Kiev Krasnov together with his girlfriend.

In the SBU stated that Krasnov allegedly cooperating with the Russian Federation starting from 2014, and referred to his supervisor, officer of the GRU Constantine Goloskokov lists of members of the regiment MIA Ukraine Azov. In addition, the SBU said about was found in the Kiev region the cache of weapons and 30 kilos of plastid, presumably, laid Krasnov.

In turn Krasnov confirms the fact of their contacts with the Russians, however, stresses that have maintained these contacts in the interests of Ukraine and in coordination with ATO.

The commander of the regiment «Azov», MP Andrew Biletsky says that Krasnov could not transfer any personal data to fighters of a regiment, because you never had access to them. Bielecki sure in absolute innocence Krasnov and believes that he has become a hostage «of the game, several Ukrainian special services.»

«Azov» and other Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar volunteer military forces launched a campaign in support of Krasnov.

The media also appeared a version that the leadership of security agencies thus try to deprive Krasnov the opportunity to lead legaliseren within the national guard battalion «Crimea». A former employee of the interior Ministry, Pro-Ukrainian activist, and eventually the de facto leader of the «Right sector» on the Crimean Peninsula Krasnov was first known as the commander of the Ukrainian part of the battalion «Crimea» in the battalion of the OUN Nicholas Kochanowski. Defended the Sands, was severely wounded in the arm.

Thus the Crimean Tatar part of the «Crimea» in the form of a separate company acted in bataljona «Dnepr-1».

On March 21, the Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev changed a measure of restraint Krasnov from house arrest wearing an electronic bracelet for 2 months of detention.

The polygraph told SBU that Krasnov was spying for Russian secret services and were preparing terrorist attacks 23.03.2016

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