The Polish Sejm is unable to start work: the government and the opposition still did not agree

Representatives of the Polish government and the opposition still cannot resolve the parliamentary crisis, which will enable to unblock the work of Parliament.

Deputies of the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament on Wednesday, January 11, should be collected on the first holidays after the meeting, but the beginning is delayed due to a lack of compromise between the parties, the correspondent of UKRINFORM in the Republic of Poland.

This morning the leader of the largest opposition party, «Civic platform» (PO) Grzegorz Schetyna suggested to postpone the meeting for a week – until 18 January, and during that time to try to resolve the problematic issues between the parties. RO also proposed a draft resolution on the release of a parliamentary crisis. It, in particular, is expected to return for the third reading of the budget law for 2017, which, according to the opposition, the ruling party «law and Justice» (PiS) adopted on December 16 last year outside the session hall in violation of the rules, in particular for lack of quorum. The conviction of RO, this proposal is the best option for a way out of the stalemate. In the absence of consensus, the opposition party does not preclude the further blocking of a tribune of a sessional hall.

For adjournment of the meeting to a later date and perform several other parliamentary opposition forces, in particular the Modern (.N) and the Polish peasant party (PSL)

At the same time, the ruling party «law and justice» insists that the vote in the column hall of the Sejm on 16 December for the budget law for this year was held in accordance with the law and sees no possibility of reconsideration of the vote.

Therefore, unlike the opposition, which believes that there should be a continuation of last year’s 33rd session of the Seimas, the government insists that January 11 is to begin a new, 34th session of the lower house of Parliament.

The session of the Sejm on the schedule was to begin at 13 o’clock (Kyiv time), but according to the latest information it was postponed for 15 hours. Now between the parties there are intensive consultations.

We will remind, parliamentary crisis in Poland occurred on December 16 last year, when the Marshal of the Sejm Marek Kuchcinski excluded from the work of members of the Seimas RO Michal Scherba, who spoke from the podium, including against the plans of the Chancellery of the Sejm to limit the access of journalists in the Parliament chamber. For his colleague stood up other opposition MPs have blocked the rostrum and, subsequently, the Presidium of the Sejm. Consequently, the Marshal of the Sejm ordered to extend the sitting of the Parliament in the hall of columns, where the forces of PiS MPs and several members of other hand voted on the budget law for the current year. The opposition considers such a vote illegal, as in the session hall, according to them, there was no quorum. In addition, the guards of the Parliament supposedly not allowed opposition MPs in the room during the vote.

The crisis in Parliament led to public protests in Poland, the blocking of Parliament by the opposition and mass rallies for several days. However, before the Catholic Christmas, the protests died down, but opposition MPs on a rotational basis all the time remained in the session hall, blocking the rostrum of Parliament.

Marshal of the Sejm Kuchcinski so far refused to change the rules of access of journalists to Parliament extensive consultations with representatives of the media.

The Polish Sejm is unable to start work: the government and the opposition still did not agree 11.01.2017

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