The Polish government has distanced itself from the March, during which burned the Ukrainian flag. Media: arsonists beaten

Responsibility for the burning of Ukrainian flag during the «March of Independence» on Friday, November 11, in Warsaw you have to carry it to the organizers. Comments about this TV channel tvn24 said representatives of the office of the President of Poland and the government of the Republic of Poland.

Polish nationalists beat the Pro-Russian instigators of the Ukrainian flag

«This is not a Polish government organized the March, this is not a Polish state acted improperly, and only a small group,» said Advisor to the President of Poland Pavel Mucha, noting that it is not necessary to put equality sign between all the protesters.

The Deputy Minister of national defence of Poland Bartosz Kownacki said the March «was not an official state event» that supported the government.

At the same time, representatives of the Polish opposition say that the attackers must be punished.

One of the leaders of the largest opposition party in Poland, Civic platform Slawomir Neumann stressed that the independence of Ukraine in the national interest of Poland and «if some idiot makes such actions must be punished».

The Committee for the defence of democracy of Poland (KOD), which is also in opposition to the Polish authorities, on Sunday in a letter to chargé d’affaires of Ukraine in Poland Vasyl Zvarych has unequivocally condemned the burning of Ukrainian flag in Warsaw.

«Burning the Ukrainian flag during the «March of Independence», organized by nationalist organizations in Poland, the more painful and outrageous that you insulted the symbol of the country that we are particularly close. Independent, strong and democratic Ukraine, as well as close ties which bind our countries is the best guarantee of sovereignty and security,» the statement reads KOD.

Polish nationalists beat the Pro-Russian instigators of the Ukrainian flag

Polish nationalists beat up the arsonists, which in Warsaw was burned Ukrainian flag. This was reported on the Internet portal of the so-called «independent Polish nationalists» and this information is personally confirmed on the video in Youtube the victim – the leader of a small nationalist groupings with Pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian views «national free Poland» (NWP).

«Yesterday during the annual «March of Independence» was held the meeting (collision – ed.) the independent group of Polish nationalists from the organization «national free Poland» (NWP). As a result, the NWP lost its two flags of the organization, and its leader was beaten and defeated on land,» — said in a statement on the website

As emphasized, this was «a clear protest against the operation on the nationalist stage of Poland organizations who fraternize with the Communists, who support the Russian imperialism and chauvinism spread against the brotherly Ukrainian people».

The statement noted that in NWP now includes more than ten people. This organization is known primarily by cooperation with the Communist and the Pro-Putin party, «Zmiana» (Shift – ]), whose leader Mateusz Piskorski is currently under investigation on suspicion of espionage in favor of Russia. It is noted that the organization supported the creation of the so-called «LNR» and «DNR» in Eastern Ukraine.

In turn, the «victim» said that he was beaten that day. He suggested that he was beaten for «active position: a constant reminder of the Volyn massacre, crimes of the OUN and the UPA», the lighting on Facebook «old and new Ukrainian crimes» and «combating the chauvinistic Ukrainian neobanderizm». He also acknowledged that his organization burned «Bandera» flag.

Recall that the radical thugs with covered faces during the «independence March» in Warsaw at 98-th anniversary of independence of Poland burned the flag of Ukraine, accompanying it with curses against the UPA and Stepan Bandera. In this regard, the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland is preparing an official note to the Polish foreign Ministry about the incident and expects the Polish side, reactions to it and the perpetrators.

The Polish government has distanced itself from the March, during which burned the Ukrainian flag. Media: arsonists beaten 14.11.2016

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