The Polish foreign Ministry has declassified a document about the refusal of the Pro-Ukrainian course

The Polish foreign Ministry has published a secret document of 2008 year, which, according to the head of the foreign Ministry of the country «was the beginning of a transition government of Donald Tusk from the Pro-Ukrainian foreign policy to the policy Pro». It was reported by PAP.

In the document dated 4 March 2008 of the year, in particular, States that «opportunities for the expansion of Russia in the political and economic, and especially military is very limited; they face significant barriers in CIS countries such as Ukraine or Georgia».

The Agency notes that the document «Theses on Poland’s policy towards Russia and Ukraine» were classified.

It was signed by the then Director of the Eastern Department of the foreign Ministry of Poland Jaroslaw, Bratkevich, these points were brought to the attention of four people, including the then Minister of foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski.

Restrictions on the secrecy of the document was shot in October 2015.

«These theses were the beginning of the rejection of Pro-Ukrainian politicians in favour of the Pro-Russian policy. The authors had no illusions about success, but acknowledged that «Pro-Russian» will become a tool, a trick for the West, wanted a way to improve their reputation in the West,» – commented on the document in an interview with PAP Witold Waszczykowski.

According to him, it was at that moment in the foreign policy of Poland was «a departure from the policy Giedroyc, although today, accusing the current government».

Waszczykowski stressed that «the theses is filled with kinks, and wrong estimates».

«The document’s authors argue that modern Russia is not governed by messianistic ideology or another ideology of this kind … It is very erroneous thesis, because Russia at that time was guided by this ideology, guided and today, it is the concept of Alexander Dugin about the creation of the so-called «Russian world», – stressed the head of the Polish foreign Ministry.

Waszczykowski also noted that the authors of the document «marginalizing Ukraine, while Russia as a country that is not a threat, and is a source of raw materials, and wants cooperation.»

The Minister noted that «a completely wrong idea of Polish-Ukrainian relations are unimportant and small, those that are based on personal relationships, for example, Aleksander Kwasniewski and Leonid Kuchma.»

«It’s just ignorance, because even then, these relationships were very well developed, for example, in the plane of military cooperation,» – said Waszczykowski.

«Absolutely incorrect thesis is that Russia will not be willing to take the risk to face with a United Europe and the West, after a few months, we’ve been to Georgia, but now is already three years of war in Ukraine», — he stressed.

The Polish foreign Ministry has declassified a document about the refusal of the Pro-Ukrainian course 24.01.2017

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