The police have declared wanted the five of Lviv — the participants of the shooting in Olevsk

Five participants in a deadly shooting in Olevsk in Zhytomyr declared suspicion. This was announced by the chief of regional management of national police Vyacheslav Pechenenko, transfers «5 channel».

Despite the fact that the local linked the shooting with the extraction of amber, the police are sure that the conflict occurred on domestic violence. Right now is the group of people. This Lviv, which in three cars fled the scene.

The police say that the responsibility for the shooting should be held and the residents of the Olevsk.

According to Pechenenko, after an official investigation positions will lose a number of law enforcement officers, including managers Olevsky Department of police, and some leaders of the Central Board region faces disciplinary action.

«Defines more than 30 people who participated in this conflict from both sides. Five suspects declared suspicious, the four — arrest with the possibility of bail, one was released under house arrest. This is all the representatives of the Lviv side,» — said the chief of police of Zhytomyr Vyacheslav Pechenenko.

He added: «we are Already starting sampling DNA from all participants of the conflict. Like it or not, but will have to respond also to local residents of Olevsk. Because the wounds of both parties are, someone on both sides pulled the hooks and who got into people.»

In the town of Olevsk, Zhytomyr region on the night of 16 January, an armed clash in which 7 people were hospitalized, one died. According to one version, the cause of the shooting could be a domestic conflict. On the other — it was the criminal disassembly associated with illegal production of amber.

Police of Zhytomyr region was established more than 30 participants of the armed conflict. It was also created an interagency working group of the Prosecutor General and the National police for proper investigation of the above criminal proceedings.

The police have declared wanted the five of Lviv — the participants of the shooting in Olevsk 23.01.2017

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