The police brought for questioning members of the High Council of justice and Grechkovskogo Romaniuk

The national police of Ukraine was summoned for questioning by the judges, the members of the High Council of justice (SCJ) Paul Grechkovskogo and Yaroslav Romaniuk in connection with a possible conflict of interest in their activities. This was reported on the VSP website.

To address the High Council of justice received a letter signed by the Deputy chief of Department of protection of economy of Ukraine concerning these judges.

Natspolitsiya, in particular, requests to provide documents on the distribution of powers between the members of the High Council of justice, the documents that were the basis for the appointment of members of VSP Grechkovskogo and Romaniuk.

Judges, in turn, appealed to the CSA allegations of pressure from the police.

The Council «believes elected by the Department to protect the economy of the National police of Ukraine the method of obtaining the information of de facto conduct of verification activities member of the High Council of justice concerning implementation of the constitutional powers that are not provided by the current legislation».

Such actions in the www are regarded as «attempts by law enforcement to initiate the collection of information not provided for by law».

The high Council of justice decided to appeal to the head of national police Sergey Knyazev with an appeal to prevent officials of the police action beyond the limits provided to them by the laws of Ukraine of authority.

In August 2016, the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings against Grechkovskogo. He was handed a suspicion in extortion of a bribe.

October 3, GPU sent to court the materials of the investigation against a judge. «He was exposed when obtaining illegal benefit in the amount of $500 thousand for the exposure for the court of first instance decision in favor of the business entity and leaving the decision in force, the courts of appeal and cassation», – reported the press service of the Ministry.

Attorney judge stated that the case file does not contain «any evidence» Grechkovskogo.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine in February 2017, three times questioned the current President of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Yaroslav Romaniuk in three criminal proceedings. According to him, the first production was the usurpation of power by the fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, «the second case concerned the shooting of peaceful people on the Maidan, the third – Automaidan».

The police brought for questioning members of the High Council of justice and Grechkovskogo Romaniuk 10.11.2017

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