The poles came to the rally in Warsaw against the «Arab savages» and the Islamization of Europe

In Warsaw, about 2 thousand people took part in antimigrant demonstrations «Against the Islamization of Europe», reports «UKRINFORM».

It was organized by representatives of various organizations in the right direction, in particular the parliamentary faction of Kukiz’15, the National movement, the party KORWiN, Congress of the New right, the representatives of societies and other fans.

«We manifestoes against the Islamization, the dominance of refugees who want to protest against the reception of immigrant quotas of European countries (refugees — ed.) want Poland to remain Poland, Poland was not Islamic areas, there were no robberies, rapes, assaults and murders», — said during the demonstrations, the leader of the National movement, member of Parliament Robert winnicki.

The Polish politician called on the Sejm to veto a previous decision of the Council of the EU on the distribution between countries of the Community of the refugees from the South and at the European level to oppose the reception of immigrants.

The demonstrators were holding various anti-immigrant posters, particularly «England’s Crying, crying, France, this is the end of tolerance», «Warsaw Today is a screaming — no Arab savages», «Let every Arab to die for us Poland sacred cause».

With the help of the Internet connection, the demonstrators in Warsaw held a teleconference with other European cities, which hosted similar demonstrations, in particular with German Dresden and the Czech Prague.

The former Polish government in September 2015 pledged to take 7 thousand refugees from the South for two years. This year, in accordance with the draft Directive of the Polish government, Poland will be able to get no more than 400 refugees, who are in Greece and Italy. The first 100 people to arrive in the Republic of Poland in March.

Grouping Kukiz’15 has already collected 100 from 500 thousand signatures needed for a referendum in Poland against accepting refugees from the South.

We will note, according to the study of public opinion, 53% of poles oppose the reception of any refugees, 41% supported granting them temporary asylum, and only 4% agreed that Poland should have accepted the refugees and allowed them to settle in the country.

The poles came to the rally in Warsaw against the «Arab savages» and the Islamization of Europe 07.02.2016

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