The poles are protesting against educational reforms

In Warsaw the demonstration against the education reform, which involved teachers, parents and representatives of local authorities from all over Poland.

About it reports Radio Poland.

The protesters, organized by the Association of Polish teachers took to the streets under the slogan «Stop changes in education» or «quo Vadis, education».

The organizers claim that the action came to 50 thousand people, police said about 10-15 thousand demonstrators.

«We have a good new gymnasium, built through loans. We want to eliminate. There are three grammar schools: one school and two urban high school. They have very good equipment. Therefore, their elimination will really blow below the belt,» said one of the organizers.

Educational reform envisages a return to 8-year-old elementary school 4-year vocational schools and 5-year colleges, and replaced the professional schools will come two-step industry school.

From 1 September 2017 will cease set in school. The Ministry of national education assures that in connection with changes in the education system, consultations, discussions, and reform itself is well calculated and planned out.

The Polish Sejm will consider the issue of education reform during their next meeting on 29 November.

Note, in short-term exchanges with European universities will participate 1583 student at Ukrainian universities.

The poles are protesting against educational reforms 20.11.2016

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