The Playboy magazine has deleted his page in Facebook

The Playboy magazine has removed her Facebook page after the scandal with the leak of personal data of users of social networks. This is stated in the statement of the edition, published on the website of PR Newswire.

«The latest news about the alleged irresponsible handling of user data Facebook has convinced us to suspend the use of the platform in the present time», – reads the statement of the edition.

Playboy noted that the pages of the publication in Facebook, it was about 25 million subscribers, and the publication does not want to jeopardize their personal data in a social network.

The scandal surrounding the probable leak of user data Facebook has inflamed 19 of March. The Channel 4 News took a hidden camera conversation with the head of the British company Cambridge Analytica Alexander Nix, who admitted that more than 200 times influence on election campaigns around the world.

For the first time about the possible use of Cambridge Analytica methods of psychometrics, wrote in December 2016, the Swiss magazine Das Magazin. The company tried to simulate preferences of users of social networks, showing them relevant political advertising.

The New York Times reported that Cambridge Analytica in 2016 has collected personal information of 50 million users of Facebook.

The head of the company Facebook, mark Zuckerberg has promised that the social network will improve for the better protection of users ‘ personal data. He also bought ads in the British Sunday Newspapers to apologize for any possible leakage of data.

According to us media reports, Zuckerberg on March 19-20, lost $6.7 billion due to the information that Cambridge Analytica could affect the election of United States with information about users of the social network.

On March 24, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk has deactivated the page of Tesla and SpaceX, which was signed more than 2 million people.

The Playboy magazine has deleted his page in Facebook 28.03.2018

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