The people’s Deputy Firsov comes from the fraction of the PPB

The people’s Deputy faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko», the Chairman of the regional organization of party «BLOW» in the Donetsk region Egor Firsov has declared its withdrawal from the faction.

«This decision was very difficult. I approached him carefully, thought about it for a few days, but realized that other option I have. So I leave the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko», — Firsov wrote in his blog on the portal «Ukrainian truth» on Monday morning.

According to him, this decision was primarily caused by the situation surrounding the Deputy head of fraction Igor Kononenko. «Honestly, I wanted to leave the faction back in the day when she did not support the decision about deprivation of mandate Kononenko. But colleagues advised me not to do hasty steps. I cooled down a bit, consulted with people whose opinion I value, and not change his decision. To stay in the faction, along with Mr. Kononenko I can’t as it does not agree to cover his corrupt practices and don’t want me associated with her,» explained the MP.

Firsov said that «after the vote on Kononenko realized that most of my party colleagues are deliberately covers corruption schemes «new family», and they do this even when about the corruption openly say our journalists and Western partners». «I see the faction PPO, thanks to several people who confidently follows the path of the Party of regions,» he said.

«Igor Kononenko displays through questionable offshore from Ukraine millions of euros. His partner, another member of our faction Alexander Granovsky cache received from his business partner adamovsky 700 thousand dollars, which is not stated in any Declaration. And all this happens under the talk about reforms, investment and the fight against corruption by the old regime. Of course, I then went to Parliament to participate in this disgrace,» said Firsov.

Another reason, he said, was the result of the decision of the leadership of the party «UDAR» about the merger with BPP before the election. The MP noted that did not support it initially. «Ordinary party members were not asked whether they agreed to join. Unfortunately, the party, which I really liked and which I gave a lot of time and effort, was just sold and liquidated, as a commercial firm. And, apparently, the BPP believe that once we «udarovets» sold, we must, as serfs, to be silent and stupid to press the button together with them, performing over quota. I do not agree on such a role», said Firsov.

«The problem is that within the faction, my opinion means nothing. The fraction of the PPO are managed by a few people close to the President. They suppress all criticism and dissent and rebellion. Not only I tried to argue in the same vein, regularly perform and Natalia Novak, and Serhiy Leshchenko, Mustafa Nayem, and Viktor Chumak, and Svetlana Salesuk… But today it is clear that their names and their reputation just used the crooks to get more election votes. Frankly we just ignore, when we talk about corruption and we demand to investigate crimes in this sphere», — he said.

«I was one of the first signed up for retirement Shokina, but the President made it clear that he will not dismiss the Prosecutor General, no matter what. I was on factions at the elections in Krivoy Rog, where cell PPB immediately conceded the election, despite rigging. I raised questions about the structure of government when the faction we took ready-made solutions from the AP. Also I talked about the replacement of the CEC members which took the shameful decision and has already worked his term. When I talked about corruption and criticized Kononenko, me… broke Yuriy Lutsenko, who demanded that I addressed in the NEB… I did but have not received till now any answer», — said the MP.

According to the MP, the story of the by Aivaras Abromavicius, who resigned from the post of Minister of economic development and trade, «was the last straw».

«I can’t stay in the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko». I understand that my former colleagues can revenge and deprive me of my mandate, but I don’t hold a parliamentary seat. Unlike the corrupt echelons of the BPP, it does not bring me money… I Promise that I will use all available levers to fight against corruption and to disclose all facts known to me», he said.

While Firsov noted that in the PPB faction is still «a sufficient number of reasonable people» that his open and honest position can change things, «first in the faction, then in Parliament, and soon in the entire country».

We will remind, the Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine aivaras abromavicius said on 3 February that leaves from a post. The reason is a conflict with the Deputy head of the faction PPO Igor Kononenko, whom journalists called the «envoys» or «purse» of the President. The next day held an emergency Cabinet meeting, at which four Ministers withdrew their resignation. However, Abromavicius said that is not going to change his decision about leaving the Cabinet.

The evening of February 4, the Cabinet met in an extraordinary meeting. At the meeting of the four Ministers said they are ready to withdraw the resignation. The Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Oleksiy Pavlenko, the Minister of information policy Yury stets, as well as the head of Ministry of health Alexander Kvitashvili said that withdrawing my resignation. While Abromavicius to withdraw his application refused.

Before that, acting Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyukand President Petro Poroshenko and the speaker of Parliament Vladimir Groisman met with the ambassadors of the participating countries of the G7 called on Ukrainian leaders to avoid the «Moldovan version», to preserve the unity and dispositive power, and to stay the course of reforms.

Acute government crisis caused by the desire of all members of the ruling parliamentary coalition «European Ukraine» parties (except the Prime Minister’s «people’s front») update the personal composition of the Cabinet of Ministers.

As stated by the head of fraction «Blok Petro Poroshenko», the MP Yuri Lutsenko, there are two ways out of this situation: a complete change of government after the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada (in the interests of «Samopomich», «Batkivshchyna» and Radical party) and partial «reformatting» of the government in a targeted manner (supported PPB).

More re-election not interested «popular front», has already declared that their conduct would play «into the hands of the Kremlin.» According to sociologists, the rating of trust of voters to «NF» may prevent the party of Yatsenyuk to overcome the 5% barrier necessary for hit in Parliament.

Moreover, in recent local elections the party did not participate, having supported candidates from the PPB.

The people’s Deputy Firsov comes from the fraction of the PPB 08.02.2016

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