The people’s deputies refused to work this year an extra week

MPs are unable to accept the change in the calendar plan of work of the Verkhovna Rada, which in 2016 was another plenary week.

The speaker Andriy Parubiy was several times submitted this question to the vote, however the required 226 votes, reports «Ukrainian truth».

At the end of the evening session of Parliament, putting this question again to the vote, paruby said, «to Us in order that we could pass a budget at all stages stipulated by law, necessary another plenary week before the new year.»

«The proposal is that plenary week of the January transfer at the end of November — beginning of December… plenary week from 10 to 13 January, which was the plenary to do a week of work with voters. A (weeks) 21 November and 2 December, which was supposed to be work with voters, to make plenary», — he explained.

After that only 167 people’s deputies supported this decision.

Note that yesterday, November 16, Parubiy expressed hope that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine may adopt the state budget for 2017 8 Dec.

As previously reported, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the transfer of working days in 2017, according to which the first week of the new year will be working.

The people’s deputies refused to work this year an extra week 18.11.2016

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