The Pentagon: we will take a strict policy of recognizing the annexation of Crimea by Russia

The US will never recognize annexation of Crimea by Russia and will seek the return of the Peninsula Ukraine, even if it takes many decades.

This was stated by the assistant Minister of defense on Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Michael carpenter in an interview with «Voice of America».

«Obviously, the Crimea is a long-term problem. And we come to its solution, respectively. Recently, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Declaration of Welles, which the United States did not recognize the occupation of the Soviet Union the Baltic States in 1940. We maintained this position for many decades. I think our approach against the Crimea will be like…» — said carpenter.

Defense Ministry spokesman reiterated that the US considers to be attempted annexation of Crimea illegal.

«I emphasize the word «attempt» because we do not see any legitimacy in that Russia has done in Crimea. This attempt of annexation is completely contrary to international law. So we will take a strict policy of non-recognition. Some sanctions against Russia, we put in place specifically for the illegal attempted annexation of Crimea, will remain in the future», — said the assistant Minister.

While carpenter noted that «this issue has no military solution and no military solution to the Donbas».

Commenting on Russia’s role in events in some areas of Donbass carpenter noted that «Russia is in command and controls the separatists in the East of Ukraine», and also continues to supply heavy weapons.

«We are convinced that Russian forces are still present on the territory of Eastern Ukraine. They train and supervise the separatists in the Donbas. This problem does not arise spontaneously in the Donbass. This problem inflates Russia. And so it was with the beginning of the conflict», — he stressed.

Earlier, the Pentagon stated that carefully need to monitor the actions of Russia in Crimea, Georgia and Ukraine. Pentagon spokesman stressed that in this regard, the U.S. continues to increase its military presence in Europe.

The Pentagon: we will take a strict policy of recognizing the annexation of Crimea by Russia 05.03.2016

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