The Pentagon has approved sending additional troops to Afghanistan

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis on August 31 said it signed a number of instructions about sending additional troops to Afghanistan, according to the strategy of President Donald trump by South Asia, according to Reuters.

According to him, now decide what units will be sent. The head of the Pentagon refused to name the exact number of military included in the order.

Mattis said that in Afghanistan can send a larger number of consultants and «auxiliary forces».

In 2001, the United States together with its allies began in Afghanistan operation against the Taliban, the reason for which was inspired by the terrorist attacks in America on 11 September. At the end of 2014 from Afghanistan have pushed most foreign troops. In this regard, the Taliban have stepped up attacks.

In August 2017 the Fox News channel reported that trump signed a new strategy for Afghanistan. It was noted that there will add 4 thousand American troops.

The White house said that a quick withdrawal of US army from Afghanistan will create a vacuum that the terrorists «will instantly fill it.» He also said that the United States should seek «an honorable and lasting outcome» of the operation, and stressed that Pakistan and India should help to resolve the conflict.

In response, the Taliban demanded that trump to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Now in the country there are about 11 thousand American troops.

The Pentagon has approved sending additional troops to Afghanistan 01.09.2017

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