The Pentagon called Russia the greatest threat to America

The most serious threat to the United States of America is militarily the Russian Federation. The head of the joint chiefs of staff of the United States Joseph Dunford said at a security conference in aspen (USA, Colorado), reports NBC News.

The threat from Russia, he called «the greatest».

According to Dunford, among such potentially dangerous for the United States of countries which are Iran, China and North Korea, Russia has a huge potential in the military sphere.

As threats to the United States, the representative of the Pentagon called North Korea, Iran and cyberterrorism.

In June 2017 the US Congress introduced a bill that requires the Pentagon to develop a strategy in response to the violation by Russia of the Treaty on the elimination of nuclear missiles of intermediate and shorter-range missiles. The bill provides for the increase in the number of conventional precision-guided munitions, with the aim of containing Russia and reducing the threat of nuclear strikes.

The Pentagon called Russia the greatest threat to America 23.07.2017

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