The Pechersky regional court of Kiev refused to protection of the Korban in the disqualification of a judge

The Pechersky district court of Kiev refused to disqualify the judge Larisa socket with consideration of the case of the leader of the political party «Ukrainian Union of patriots — DILL» Gennady Korban. The corresponding decree was announced by the investigating judge Vladimir Karaban, reports UNIAN.

«To satisfy the request of the defender, tomtchuk to recuse a judge of the socket… to refuse,» said Karaban.

The investigating judge noted that this ruling may be subject to appeal.

The full text of the resolutions will be presented on 9 November.

The judge did not indicate on what basis is denied disqualification of a judge of the socket.

As reported, lawyers Korban said the withdrawal of the investigative judge of the socket during the consideration in Pechersky regional court of Kiev the question of electing their client of a preventive measure.

The lawyer Oksana tomtchuk announced the withdrawal after the court decided to leave without satisfaction the request of the defence Korban disqualification of the investigator of the Prosecutor General in criminal proceedings of a Eugene scuba guy.

An automated system the court determined that the judge, the socket will be considered by judge Karaban.


31 October in Dnipropetrovsk the SBU detained the businessman and the party leader «DILL» Gennady Korban.

PGO accuses him of misappropriation, embezzlement of property (part 5, article 191 of the criminal code) and illegal possession of vehicle (p. 1. article 289 of the criminal code), as well as in the creation of an organized criminal organization.

On approval of Prosecutor General, among available evidence in the case of a criminal group in Dnipropetrovsk — fake printing, accumulation in funds of funds, kidnapping, having a private car to listen to, weapons.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko notes that the investigation into the case of the Korban should be done as transparently as possible and said that in the near future the country should hear new names of those who will be held accountable.

But according to the ex-Governor of Dnipropetrovsk oblast Igor Kolomoisky, any criminal offences after the leader of a Dill, no, «the case of the Korban is pure politics.»

2 November at a joint press conference of the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina and the Chairman of SBU Vasily Gritsak reporters showed «a film about illegal activity of» Korban.

Recall, on 2 November it was reported that the Korban was hospitalized at the meeting, Novozavodskaya district court of Chernigov.

In the morning, 3 November, the leader of the party «DILL» was taken from the hospital in Novozavodskaya the court of Chernigov, but around 8.45 a.m. he was taken from the court building and taken away in a minibus in an unknown direction.

Lawyers and MPs said about the «abduction» Korban law enforcement agencies, as in 8:20 Tuesday expired 72-hour detention policy, and the court hasn’t elected the measure of restraint.

Later it became known that the Korban was brought to Kiev, and his lawyer Aleksey Shevchuk told which procedure ran the law enforcement authorities to re-detain his client.

Also in the Prosecutor’s office on 3 November stated that the Korban today detained under article 208 of the Criminal procedural code of Ukraine.

On the same day the Korban lawyers appealed the decision on his detention.

November 4, the Pechersky district court of Kiev decided to elect a measure of restraint to the leader of Dill on 5 November at 9.00 am.

The Pechersky regional court of Kiev refused to protection of the Korban in the disqualification of a judge 05.11.2015

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