The Pechersky court gave the Brazilian fighter for 13 years

The Pechersky district court of Kiev pronounced a verdict in the case against a Brazilian mercenary «D/LC» Rafaela’s Lusvardi — 13 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.

On Wednesday 25 January, reports «Novinama».

The defendant fully admitted his guilt and stated that repents.

As the newspaper notes, this is the first since the war began in Ukraine, the trial of the militants «DNR/LNR» with «far abroad».

The process is kept within one day (excluding preparatory sessions).

Given the fact that Rafael’s Lusvardi confirmed the facts of the charges read by the Prosecutor, participation in the fighting in the Donbass from September 2014 to October 2015, the panel of judges agreed to the proposal of the Prosecutor’s office to consider the matter under the shortened procedure.

The evidence was numerous clips from Lusvardi in the ranks of the militants Donbass, posted on YouTube, where he talks about his «exploits».

«It was a big mistake,» said Lusvardi about his participation in the war in Ukraine.

He asked for the minimum possible sentence.

Prosecutor Igor Vovk was pleased by the verdict, told the terrorist 14 years 224 days – the maximum possible in the case of confession by the accused and his cooperation with the investigation (including 112 days in custody, which are multiplied by two «Savchenko’s law»).

On the basis of the investigation of the SBU the Prosecutor’s office charged Raphael Marcus lusvardi of committing crimes under part 1 St. 258-3 and part 2 of article 260 of the criminal code.

This is a particularly serious and serious crimes, respectively, «… participation in a terrorist group or terrorist organization» (the sanction – from 8 to 15 years of imprisonment) and «participation in activities of extralegal armed groups» (3 to 8 years).

In this case the court for lack of evidence have not considered the application with reference to Lusvardi in the media, supposedly he was in the Donbas killed four Ukrainian military.

The court ruled to confiscate all the property of Lusvardi available to him in Ukraine – laptop and mobile phone, which are now in the room physical evidence of the SBU.

Among other things, the trial judge found for Lusvardi until separate detention and physical examination – given what the Brazilian said about the threat to his life in Lukyanovka jail, where he was twice beaten, and demanded money.

Also during the trial it became known that on the eve of the Brazilian terrorist in prison was visited by a representative of the International Committee of the red cross.

Protection of Lusvardi provided by the state attorney, after all, relatives, colleagues and Brazilian diplomats showed no interest in more powerful legal support mercenary «DNR/LNR.

«In the fall of 2014, the 32-year-old professional killer arrived in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and joined the band of «Viking». Participated in combat actions in the area of Verhulivka, day, Gorlovka, Starobeshevo, Debaltsevo, Donetsk airport», — informed the security service after his arrest.

The action on the court found these facts.

According to some, field investigators of SBU lured Lusvardi from the Brazilian «vacation» fraud on behalf of third parties, having been in the field of Maritime safety in the «Pro-Russian» Odessa.

The company «omega», which invited him to work, paid the terrorist a one way ticket to Ukraine.

Add that to the detainee and a convicted gunman was at this moment the first American citizen, a participant of Russian-Ukrainian war, but that’s South America, and fought on the side of Pro-Kremlin terrorists. So, for example, who died in August 2014 in the battle of Ilovaiskaya (Donetsk region) 55-year-old mark Paslawski Callsign «Franco» – American of Ukrainian origin – adopted Ukrainian citizenship to become a fighter «Donbass».

Among the Russian militants and separatist groups are fighting hundreds of aliens from different civilized European States, the heads of which now support Ukraine. Meanwhile, by the way, the militants «DNR/LNR», in hiding in Russia, after the permissible period of stay in Russia (90 days stay) deported to Ukraine.

As previously reported, recently the project «Peacemaker» has created a map of localization of 15 thousand Russian soldiers who are fighting against Ukraine in Donbas.

The Pechersky court gave the Brazilian fighter for 13 years 25.01.2017

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