The participants of the fight «Azov» with a «CPF» number on the Maidan has already released. Criminal production is not opened

In fact the conflict of representatives of the so-called movement of the «Revolutionary right-wing forces» ( «CPF») and ATO participants on Maidan Nezalezhnosti criminal proceedings were not opened. This was stated by the chief of intelligence of the regiment «Azov» Serhiy korotkykh, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

Regarding the confrontations on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti on Monday, the representative of «Azov» explained that they with other participants of the ATO tried to understand the situation, but in the conversation there was a conflict:

«Today we have with other Toshibumi tried to figure out what kind of people. Conversation did not happen. Began to disperse. Representatives of these so-called CPF started to kick the guy out of 95-th brigade. Our fit in the process, broke a few heads. In principle we do not hesitate, we believe that these people have no right to speak on behalf of people is really fought».

«They wear stripes of different battalions, but these battalions either have no relation or there is 10 times kicked out. These people have no right to talk about the ideals of the Maidan, to speak on behalf of Atashikov,» said Short.

According to him, the police detained participants of the conflict, was drawn up and released all of them, due to the lack of claims from the parties.

In the public «CPF» in social networks provides a different version of the conflict.

First, the initiators of the «Maidan-3» note that the conflict occurred during an attempt of public utilities to dismantle their improvised «stage,» which was started to protect the representatives of «CPF» and, in turn, began to push aside «residents of Azov».

Second, the «CPF» insisting that «men «CPF» no one fought». They say, «civilians» attacked «Azov», which then retreated across the border the national guard.

The situation was commented at a briefing in Kyiv on Monday, the chief of the Kiev militia Andrey Krishchenko:

«Today’s events: No statements from either side. It was not the fact of hooliganism. If the statement will be an investigation.»

«On this day. Two collisions: In the first case, asked one of the journalists that he chose the camera. Faces are installed. The proceedings were instigated. In a skirmish near the stele – the police intervened, the two party taken to the police. Information entered in the magazine of the uniform account,» said Krishchenko.

We will remind, on Saturday, February 20, on the second anniversary of the shooting of «Heavenly hundreds of» Union «CPF» held a «national Veche» on Independence square, on February 21, his rukovditeli announced the start of the «Maidan-3» during the briefing in «Kozatsky» hotel, owned by the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. The «Veche» was the demand of impeachment of the President Peter Poroshenko, as well as the resignation from posts of heads of law enforcement agencies.

Also «CPF» insists on banning the participation in power of all who held positions in the past 10 years. In addition, «CPF» stands for the introduction of martial law in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

According to media reports, the meeting was attended by over 200 people.

The President called the «Veche» and the subsequent events inspired by Moscow.

«Kremlin propaganda did everything to this day (the anniversary of the shooting of the Heavenly hundred – ed.) looked different. That is why they were prepared ahead of time the slogans of the Maidan 3.0. But this provocation have failed. Despite all the objective difficulties, the Ukrainians were responsible,» — commented later Poroshenko.

The participants of the fight «Azov» with a «CPF» number on the Maidan has already released. Criminal production is not opened 23.02.2016

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