The owner closed the site mentioned in the investigation about the participation of the governmental aviagroup of the Russian Federation in «cocaine»

Internet-draft RussianPlanes dedicated to Russian aviation, was closed shortly after the RBC was referred to him in the investigation of the transport of counterfeit cocaine from Argentina to Russia.

Reports on the closure of the project appears when trying to access any page: «the page was removed on his own initiative, finally and irrevocably».

The project owner named Kiba also removed the corresponding group in «Vkontakte», your page, and the website RussianShips dedicated to ships, according to «the Media».

In conversation with the publication of Kiba said that the project is his personal hobby, and the information was compiled from different sites automatically.

«I saw the news on the RBC and decided to remove the site, because we here at anything. No, I wasn’t required to do so,» he said.

Journalists of RBC compared the side number of the vessel, which on 6 December 2017, loaded with fake bags of cocaine at the airport in Buenos Aires, with information about the plane on the website RussianPlanes. The Il-96 was transferred to the state squadron «Russia» in August 2016. This ship transported the first persons of the state, which was also confirmed by the data RussianPlanes.

On February 22 Minister of national security of Argentina Patricia Bullrich said that in December 2017 load «of cocaine» was as diplomatic baggage sent «to the Russian governmental plane.»

The office of the President of the Russian Federation on 27 February stated that the photos of the Il-96 was «easy to rig».

It was reported that the police of Argentina and the Russian Federation held a joint operation to stop drug trafficking via the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires.

According to the official version in December 2016, Russian Ambassador Victor koronelli said Argentine intelligence agencies about the discovery in the building of the Embassy school 12 suitcases full of cocaine with a total weight of 389 kg. the Drug was replaced with flour, and the bags were outfitted with GPS sensors.

After arrival of the goods to Russia in December 2017, was detained three people, including a former employee of the Embassy Ali Aslanov.

President of the Foundation for MORAL («Russian Orthodox patrons of art in Latin America») Alexander Chicano and his assistant, a former Argentine police officer Ivan Bliznyuk, discussed on the phone, opinion koronelli will help to restore the former volume of drug trafficking through diplomatic channels.

Chicano and Bliznyuk detained by the Argentine authorities.

The alleged organizer of the smuggling of cocaine Andrey Kovalchuk, according to the FSB, is hiding in Germany.

The owner closed the site mentioned in the investigation about the participation of the governmental aviagroup of the Russian Federation in «cocaine» 27.02.2018

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