The OSCE warned of the possible approach of fighters to Mariupol

U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Daniel Baer said about the possibility of the onset of the combined Russian-terrorist forces in Mariupol and its surroundings. This is stated in the statement of ber, which he uttered at the meeting of the OSCE permanent Council in Vienna, reports UNIAN.

From Russia to the Donbass drove 30 thousand people in uniform, — OSCE

«We remain deeply concerned about the buildup of the joint Russian-separatist forces outside of Mariupol», — said the bear.

It is reported that on November 14 the Russian-terrorist forces blocked the access of observers of the Special OSCE monitoring mission, which would visit the two districts, located to the North-East of Mariupol.

«Drawing attention to the fact that the SMM observed the relationship between restriction of access and violations of the ceasefire regime, we are deeply concerned that the joint Russian-separatist forces may be plotting more attacks on Mariupol and its environs,» said ber.

In this regard, the diplomat reminded that only two weeks ago, the Russian-separatist forces carried out the shelling of the suburbs of Mariupol from missile systems of volley fire.

«We call on Russia and the separatists it backs, to provide observers with full and unrestricted access to the areas near Mariupol and to immediately withdraw the heavy weapons,» said ber.

Earlier it was reported that the invaders have concentrated all the fire on the Mariupol direction.

From Russia to the Donbass drove 30 thousand people in uniform, — OSCE

Only two checkpoints on the border between Ukraine and Russia, the OSCE has counted more than 30 thousand people in uniform, military, who crossed the border, said Daniel Baer, writes Radio Liberty.

Speaking about the work of the OSCE observation mission at checkpoints «Gukovo» and «Donetsk» (Rostov region, Russia), he urged to think about what’s going on in other border crossing points uncontrolled Kiev part of the Russian-Ukrainian border, where OSCE observers there.

U.S. Ambassador to the OSCE stressed that the organization’s mission in Ukraine, despite all the obstacles that she is supported by Russia, limiting its mandate and scope of activity, were still able to document the destabilizing and destructive activities of Russia in the East of Ukraine.

In particular, he said, Russia has three months did not respond to the request of the OSCE with a request to allow observers to go beyond their two checkpoints on the Russian-Ukrainian border, where are the observers of the OSCE, and around the perimeter of these points from the outside.

Restrictions imposed by Russia on the work of the observers, in particular, prevent that is to identify individuals in uniform when they cross the border in vehicles or when bad weather, said the ber.

«We all know that when Russia is trying to extradite these people for a civilian, this is an obvious attempt to hide the truth: they go to Ukraine to fight», — said the Ambassador.

He also informed that there is evidence that such persons receive the weapon when you arrive at the separatists held territory in Ukraine. He added that the mission at least 27 cases reported on the return to Russia of hearses marked «cargo 200», which is a symbol for the victims of war.

«It’s a shame, it’s a stain on the conscience of the Kremlin due to the fact that he not only sends Russian sons to die in pointless war, arranged without the need, but also a disgrace to their memory that denies the offering of their sacrifice,» said ber.

The OSCE warned of the possible approach of fighters to Mariupol 18.11.2016

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