The OSCE reported the next attack your drone

February 10, militants attacked the drone of the OSCE has performed an inspection flight over the occupied territories of the Luhansk region. This is reported by observers Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine (SMM) in its report.

«SMM has launched unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with government-controlled territory in the vicinity of the Trinity (69km West of Luhansk) across the delimitation line, the direction to the area controlled by the «LNR» Stepanovka (70 km West of Luhansk), report nabludateli the OSCE. — From 12:05 to 12:07, when the UAV was over controlled «LNR» territories, the SMM heard approximately 100 rounds of small arms».

«MSF came to the conclusion — summarize what happened observers, is that these shots were directed toward the UAV and proizvodilas from the territories, controlled by «LNR».

Lethally the device was not damaged, conclude the authors of the report description of the episode.

About the shelling and killing of militants by drones earlier it was reported repeatedly.

So, in less than a week before this incident, on 4 February, the Deputy head of the special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine (SMM) Alexander hug at a press conference in temporarily occupied by militants from the group «DNR» Donetsk claimed that Pro-Russian terrorists from the group «LNR» January 15, fired at the drone of the OSCE.

In August 2015, the same Deputy Chairman of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE Alexander Hg complained that the militants jammed the drones.

In July 2015, the OSCE stated that the crash of the drone of the OSCE in the area of the ATO was caused by radioface of a military nature.

July 7, the OSCE noted that the militants admitted that jammed the signals of the drones.

November 8, 2014, it was reported that in Donetsk city centre, the Russians made a silencer for all types of aircraft with a range of 300 kilometers

The OSCE reported the next attack your drone 12.02.2016

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