The OSCE called on trump to refrain from criticism of journalists

The OSCE representative on freedom of the media, Harlem Desir called for the Bush administration to stop criticizing journalists. About this Desir wrote in a letter addressed to US Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, the press service of the organization.

«I urge the US administration to abandon the attacks on the media. Statements by the President of the United States is problematic because they undermine the role of the media, which they play in any democratic society, including bringing the government to account and offering a platform for many voices,» said Desir.

He recalled that in his speech in Arizona on August 22, U.S. President Donald trump called the media’s «dishonest», «deceitful», «bad» and «making up stories». According to the OSCE representative, such statements can make journalists more vulnerable to violence.

Desir added that the President’s statements contradict the international obligations of the United States in relation to freedom of the media, as well as the provisions of the 1st amendment of the US Constitution, which refers to the protection of freedom and the press.

In July, trump has posted on Twitter a video in which he «beats up» person, instead of a head which is the logo of the TV channel CNN. Video the President did not comment, but was accompanied by the hashtag #FraudNewsCNN (fraudulent CNN news) and #FNN.

CNN said that «it is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against journalists», but they intend to continue to do their work, and advised the President of the United States Donald Trump to start doing your.

Trump called fake and other media: NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post.

The OSCE called on trump to refrain from criticism of journalists 29.08.2017

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