The opposition, the Venezuelan Parliament is trying to prevent the transaction with «Rosneft»

The opposition, the Venezuelan Parliament approved the agreement to protest against the «illegal sale» of shares of a joint venture of the Russian company «Rosneft», reports RIA «Novosti» with reference to the Universal. The transaction was closed last year, but parliamentarians claim that it was illegal.

Under the deal, which is trying to challenge the deputies, «Rosneft» bought from the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA shares of the joint venture Petromonagas, which is developing oil belt of the Orinoco river. For 500 million dollars the Russian company’s share was increased from 17% to 40%.

Member of the National Assembly Elias Mata told colleagues that have studied this issue, the Committee on oil and energy came to the conclusion about the violation of the Constitution. It requires the approval of the transaction by Parliament. The MP lamented that the head of PDVSA , Eulochio del Pino had not consulted with lawmakers on the deal. He also noted that the parliamentary Committee has demanded an investigation into the reasons for the decline of oil production in the country.

Natassembly called «treason» sale of state property by the government, unanimously expressing protest.

Currently, in the framework of the joint venture Petromonagas produces more than 130 thousand barrels of extra-heavy crude oil per day. Rosneft is also involved in several other joint projects in Venezuela, which implements together with PDVSA: this «Carabobo-2,4» (CP «Petrofactory»), «Junin-6» (JV «Petrogrand»); SP «Boqueron»; SP «Petroperu».

The power crisis in Venezuela worsened after the start of opposition of the Parliament a year ago. No working relationship between the legislative and Executive authorities there. President Nicolas Maduro earlier accused the opposition of trying to «parliamentary coup» and the Parliament, in turn, stated about violations of the Constitution by the head of state.

The opposition, the Venezuelan Parliament is trying to prevent the transaction with «Rosneft» 10.02.2017

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