The opposition in Moldova needs to attract Dodon to justice for treason

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon should be prosecuted for treason. This is stated in the claim of the Moldovan opposition party of «Action and solidarity» with which she appealed to the Prosecutor General of the country, the press service of the party.

The lawsuit States that in violation of pyogenic of the Constitution and the oath the President said he «openly promotes the interests» of the Russian Federation.

«Greetings leader of the self-proclaimed Transnistrian Moldovan Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky «convincing victory» in the so-called elections «the President of the PMR», his desire to reward the Transnistrian and Russian peacekeepers with state awards of Moldova, as well as the intention to participate in the events marking the 25th anniversary of the peacekeeping mission on the Dniester is a gross violation of the status of the President as the guarantor of the Constitution, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state», – stated in the document.

The opposition stressed that by his actions he contributes to the divide in society along ethnic, linguistic, and religious principles.

A similar letter was sent to the Parliament of Moldova.

The socialist leader won the presidential elections in Moldova November 13, 2016. His inauguration took place on 24 December. He has repeatedly criticized the Association with the European Union and advocated a strategic partnership with Russia. During the election campaign, he also said that Crimea belongs to Russia.

About his vision of the situation in Transnistria Igor Dodon told the radio station «Echo of Moscow» in November: «I believe that Transnistria was, is and will be part of the Republic of Moldova. We want to give a special status, a special for the Transnistrian region. We spoke openly for the Federal structure of the state, but that the people decide through a referendum».

In Transnistria the elections of the «President» took place on 11 December 2016, they won the «speaker» of the unrecognized Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky.

Since 1990, Transnistria remains unrecognized by the state. This happened after living in the region Slavic majority demanded autonomy. In the mid-90s in Transnistria was officially introduced the contingent of Russian peacekeeping forces. Moldova insists on the withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory. In April 2016, Russia stated that it could not withdraw its weapons from Transnistria because of the situation in Ukraine.

The opposition in Moldova needs to attract Dodon to justice for treason 30.08.2017

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