«The opposition bloc» accuses the NF on the authorship of the plan «Rod» and promises the re-election of the Verkhovna Rada

Party Opposition bloc demands from the security Service of Ukraine to investigate the activities of the party «national front», whose members allegedly distributing so-called plan of «the Rod» spoken in the party statement, which refers to «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Plan «Rod» invented «the popular front». This is evidenced by the statement of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy on the incident with participation of the leader of our faction Yuriy Boyko at the conciliatory Council. Judging by the statement of the speaker, «veterans» come up with the text «connecting Rod» «I can» by writing every day this my plan new settlements», — said in a statement released on Monday, 14 November 2016.

In the party «Opposition bloc» claim that the plans of the «Rod» is caused by fear of people. «In the «popular front» are so afraid of people that already scare themselves with their own fakes,» reads the statement.

«Except for politicians, who published the infamous plan «connecting Rod», it does not believe not a single person in our country. Because for a long time nobody believes the «popular front». Best proof of this is the rating of this party has come down to zero and gone to negative values,» — said in a statement.

In the «opposition bloc» note that falls not only the rating of «people’s front», but the rating of trust of Parliament and of all power. «Not having the confidence of the people, officials should find the courage to leave. Otherwise, their fear of man will lead to the fact that they will eliminate the power which are not trusted. Re-election of the Parliament today — the only path that will save Ukraine from the new shocks and the final destruction», — is told in the party statement.

The opposition bloc declares that real authors of the plan «the Rod» are in the «popular front» and destabilisateur the situation in the country’s policy.

«Therefore, we appeal to the SBU with the requirement to make investigation of activity of the popular front for posting and promoting so-called plan «a Rod,» — said in the «opposition bloc».

In addition, the party «Opposition bloc» States that it will continue to repel the «coalition war» and defend the people and will seek re-election of the Verkhovna Rada.

«The situation at the conciliatory Council of the Verkhovna Rada is a consequence of the provocations which the government and its hired «radicals» regularly organize against our party and its voters. «The opposition bloc» States that will continue to give tough resistance to the coalition war, which made people poor. We will protect ourselves and not give offense to people insulting this government. We will ensure that this Parliament was elected, and the instigators of war parties accountable for their actions», — is spoken in the party statement.

In the Opposition bloc stressed that the current government «deceived the people and ruined the economy». «The people are robbed of this power, patience has ended. People see bills of several thousand UAH, compares them with the e-declarations of power and demands justice», — noted in party.

Opposition bloc assured that «get justice». «Hired «radicals» and their owners should be responsible for the theft and corruption that they have spread over the past two and a half years. Parliament should be re-elected. The citizens of Ukraine deserve power that will protect them and not to Rob», — assured political force.

As reported earlier, the security Service of Ukraine, the first stage of the implementation of developed of Russia’s plan to «destabilize» the situation in Ukraine with the purpose of early parliamentary elections is scheduled for November 15 the all-Ukrainian protest action of Bank depositors and 17 November, the campaign is supposed to transform into a protest against the hike in utility tariffs, which, according to the plans of the Russian Federation, should be transformed into a block government structures.

«The purpose of the plan of internal destabilization, the organization of early elections in Ukraine, strengthen the position of Pro-Russian forces in the new Parliament,» the security Service of Ukraine.

«The opposition bloc» accuses the NF on the authorship of the plan «Rod» and promises the re-election of the Verkhovna Rada 15.11.2016

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