The opening of the new CPW in the region suffered because of the attacks

Friday, February 12, in the Golden fighters from mortars fired at more car control point of entry/exit, resulting in members of the Armed forces of Ukraine received a wound, open CPW postponed, according to the head of the Lugansk military-civil administration Georgy Tuka.

«Today, 12 February at 11:35 during the inspection, the working group designated under the arrangement KPW road in the city of Golden under the Minsk agreements, terrorists fired stronghold of the military of 120-mm mortars. According to preliminary information, one of the soldiers is wounded», — reported the press service of the Luhansk OUGA on the official page in Facebook.

In the message it is noted that fighters fired immediately after the departure of the OSCE mission, which was located on the site of the construction CPW.

«In this regard, we are suspending the opening of road border crossing indefinitely. For us, first and foremost, is the safety of residents on both sides of the demarcation line,» — said the head of the Luhansk EVGA Georgy Tuka.

This is not the first time the militant attacks disrupted the opening of this CPW.

As reported, last week because of a mortar attack by militants has been closed KPW «zaytsevo». The head of Donetsk EVGA Pavel Zhebrivsky stated that in case of reduction of attacks the authorities are ready to resume work CPW because «zaytsevo» to a certain extent, meet the needs of residents from the temporarily occupied territories of the Luhansk region. «In zaytsevo was high enough influx, at the checkpoint stopped about 40% of the cars with Lugansk rooms», — said the head of the Donetsk OVGA.

However, due to periodic armed provocation of the militants as of February 12, KPW «zaytsevo» continues to remain closed.

Secretary of Countbase of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov on 10 February said that following the closure of the «zaytsevo» can be temporarily closed and CPW «Marinka». According to him, the authorities will be forced to take this step due to the significant increase in the number of attacks.

The press center of the ATO headquarters reported that around 22.00 Thursday, 11 February, from automatic grenade launchers, the militants opened fire on CPW «Marinka».

The opening of the new CPW in the region suffered because of the attacks 12.02.2016

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