The Ombudsman Lutkovska asks security to deal with protection of the Deputy Granovsky

The Ombudsman asked the security Service of Ukraine to conduct an internal investigation concerning the verification and dissemination in the media by the security service of the documents to the journalist Yaroslav Bondarenko. The corresponding letter to Parliament Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska sent to the SBU may 18, the press service of the Ombudsman.

Earlier the Deputy from BPP Alexander Granovsky complained that he was illegally spied journalists. Before that, it was reported that Granovsky noticed in the cafe with the controversial Prosecutor Sergei Lysenko.

The editors of the «Schemes» stated that it was shot in a public place – restaurant «ink» in the shopping center «Leonardo» and in the framework of the investigation about the Granovsky, who is known as shadow curator of law enforcement bodies from «Blok Petro Poroshenko».

For its part, the guards Granovsky – full-time employees of the SBU, has posted photos of passport and accreditation card program operator Bondarenko.

Lutkovska believes that the publication of photographs of documents was excessive and disproportionate interference in his private sphere of life compared to.

«The guarantees laid down in articles 32 and 34 of the Constitution, and in some cases create a conflict between two fundamental human rights – the right to privacy and the right to information,» said the Ombudsman in a letter to SBU.

«That’s why in each particular case when deciding whether to publish material which contains personal data and/or information about private life of a person the journalist needs to make an informed decision about whether dominated by the right of the public to know certain information on the human right to inviolability of private life,» she recalls.

Lutkovska offers to the SBU to conduct an internal investigation on the legal basis of actions of security Service specialists of Ukraine for check of documents the employee of the program «Schemes: corruption in detail,» their photography and distribution media.

Previously, she urged journalists to uphold the principles of a democratic society in terms of ensuring balance between the right to respect for private life and the right to freedom of expression.

The Ombudsman Lutkovska asks security to deal with protection of the Deputy Granovsky 19.05.2016

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