The NSDC has published the transcript of the first meeting after the annexation of Crimea: the army in Ukraine, need help around the world

The national security Council and defense of Ukraine has declassified the transcript of the first meeting, held on 28 February after the annexation of Crimea. The document was released on Monday, February 22, at the session of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence.

Pashinsky told how after the flight of Yanukovych was looking for the «Needle» to protect the Cabinet and AP
For the occupation of the Crimea Russia used troops, which during the Olympics was in the North Caucasus
Only Turchynov at the meeting of the NSDC on February 28, 2014 voted for the imposition of martial law
Naryshkin at the meeting of the NSDC on February 28, 2014 passed Turchinov on the phone «the threat from Putin»
Yatsenyuk said that the conflict with Russia over the Crimea could become «hot»

The then head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko reported that the head of the Supreme Council of the Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov declared and Prime Minister of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov took the side of Russia and was in coordination with the black sea fleet of Russia. He also informed the Council about the large-scale transition of military personnel, employees of «Berkut» and other law enforcement officers on the side of the Russian Federation and taking control of the Russian security forces infrastructure of the Peninsula.

Nalyvaychenko said that Russia’s actions received massive support of the population of Crimea, and offered to do everything possible to prevent firing and casualties among civilians or military BSF of the Russian Federation.

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov reported that the internal troops and staff in the Crimea at that time still served, but to counter the Russians were not going. «We have in Crimea about a thousand people to internal troops, which I hope will be able to follow orders, well, at least will not give up», he said. According to Avakov, even then the oath betrayed, about 67 «Berkut» with guns.

Acting defense Minister Igor Tenyukh at the meeting warned that Russia was serious. «A conversation with the commander of the Navy commander of the black sea fleet, which, in direct conversation, said, «I Have no authority with you to negotiate, but I will say the following. We’ll go to the end. Second. All the troops are in combat readiness. Third, if you don’t we will face, that the blood will not be and everything will be peaceful.» That is advocated a complete surrender and capitulation and to the side of the Russian Federation», — said Tenyukh.

He also stressed that the invaders of the objects in the Crimea is the special forces experience of fighting in hot spots of the Russian Federation.

According to the transcript, during the annexation of Crimea in late February 2014, Russia on the border with Ukraine concentrated 38 thousand soldiers with a large Arsenal of heavy equipment, helicopters and ships in the Black sea.

In the transcript it says that, according to the Ministry of defence, «under the guise of exercises of the armed forces of the Russian Federation there is a concentration of Russian troops along the Russian-Ukrainian border».

«Their goal is not just demonstration of strength, but the real preparation for the invasion of our territory: the transition and combat missions. In Kyiv, Kharkiv and Donetsk the directions already accounts for 38 thousand people, 761 unit armed tanks and 2,200 armored vehicles, 720 artillery systems and multiple rocket launcher fire, also up to 40 attack helicopters and 90 helicopters combat support and 90 aircraft and ground attack aircraft. In the Black sea on alert came out 80 warships of the Russian Federation», — said Tenyukh.

Tenyukh also reported on the national security Council, the army of Ukraine at that time was not.

«We can gather from across the country military group of about 5 thousand troops, able to perform combat tasks. We can throw in Crimea, but it will not solve the problem of the Crimea. We just lay there. And what to do about the thousands of kilometers of the border and the preparation of Russia to invade. If you go in the morning from the Chernihiv region, then in the evening in Kiev will be», — said Tenyukh.

He estimated that in the Crimea at the time was more than 20 thousand Russian troops against 1,5-2 thousand Ukrainian, willing to follow orders about the use of weapons.

At some point the acting President Oleksandr Turchynov declared that already gave command to prepare a decree on the introduction of martial law.

However, the head of the Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema and Ihor Tenyukh not supported. «The military situation in this situation will not help us. We have no way to enter in the Crimea, we can’t draw the bodies of internal Affairs, which today does not, and also security, which does not actually exist. I’m not even talking about the Army. All you need to create, and then to speak about a situation», — said Yarema.

Tenyukh emphasized that in the army were soldiers, not once in his life the shooter.

In addition, Tenyukh then reported that in the Black sea is the frigate guided weapons — staff ship «Whitley», who came from Istanbul. «Therefore, the presence of an American frigate, guided missile weapons, if there was an agreement and he would enter by agreement into our territorial waters, it would be a sign that we are not alone. This can stop Russia», — said Tenyukh two years ago.

He requested the then acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov to give permission for conducting large-scale military exercises because «the willingness of most of our units to perform combat missions doubtful».

He also said that «the Russian side in Crimea, in addition to the forces of the black sea fleet, there is a constant movement of the assault units of the armed forces and the special troops of the GRU GSH the Russian Federation. Now the combat component exceeds 20 thousand people. But the number of Russian troops, military equipment and weapons is constantly growing», — said Tenyukh.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk , in turn, said that the imposition of martial law is tantamount to a Declaration of war against Russia. He also told that the Treasury has no money for war.

Only Turchynov at the meeting of the NSDC on February 28, 2014 voted for the imposition of martial law

At the meeting of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine on 28 February 2014 for the introduction of martial law in connection with the annexation of the Crimea voted one member of the NSDC – Alexander Turchynov, who was at that time speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, the acting head of state.

According to the transcript of the meeting of the NSDC, Oleksandr Turchynov put to vote the decision of the NSDC on the introduction of martial law.

«Those in favor? Clear. «For» – one Turchynov. This means that the decision is not accepted», — is spoken in the transcript.

According to the document, the NSDC meeting before this vote was some verbal sparring between Turchynov and leader of the «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko, who was also present at the meeting of the NSDC. She called in any case not to impose martial law in the country.

«Today we have to beg the international community to come to the defense of Ukraine. It’s our only hope. No tank should not leave the barracks, not a single soldier should not lift arms because it will mean a loss. No martial law, and the revitalization of our troops! We have become the most peaceful nation on the planet, just behave like doves of the world», — quoted Tymoshenko in the transcript.

At these words she said Turchynov: «do You propose to do nothing?».

The leader of the «Batkivschyna» stressed that it is necessary to Kiev or to Crimea to invite European leaders to a peace summit, to hold a conference on peace. «Must all work together to write the address to the UN, in NATO, in the United States for peacekeeping troops. To use all diplomatic relations», — said Tymoshenko.

However the former head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaychenko at the meeting of the national security Council said: «the Information that comes across our channels, fully confirms the readiness of Russia to introduce troops, which are concentrated along our border. Both the Americans and the Germans – all in one voice are asked not to start any active actions, because according to their intelligence Putin uses it for large-scale land invasion».

Earlier, former NSDC Secretary, the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy in an interview said that in the meetings of the Council in connection with the situation in Crimea in 2014 was attended by representatives of major political forces in Ukraine.

Naryshkin at the meeting of the NSDC on February 28, 2014 passed Turchinov on the phone «the threat from Putin»

The Chairman of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin during a meeting of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine on 28 February 2014 urgent telephone conversation with the former at that time the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, acting President, member of the national security and defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov has transferred words of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about a possible «hard decisions» in Ukraine.

According to the transcript of the Council meeting of 28 February 2014, promulgated at a meeting of the parliamentary Committee on national security and defence on Monday in Kiev, Naryshkin called and requested an urgent conversation with Turchynov.

After talking Turchinov told about the essence of this conversation: «Talk… What to say? Naryshkin gave me threats from Putin. They do not exclude, as he said, taking the hard decisions in relation to Ukraine for the persecution of Russians and Russian speakers. Perhaps, allude to the decisions regarding the deployment of troops not just in Crimea. Has transferred Putin’s words that if you killed at least one Russian, they would declare us war criminals and will be hunted worldwide.»

In response to these words Turchynov told Naryshkin that «starting the aggression against Ukraine, they have become outlaws and will be responsible before the international court of justice».

Yatsenyuk said that the conflict with Russia over the Crimea could become «hot»

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the conflict with Russia over the Crimea could become «hot» conflicts.

As stated in the transcript, Yatseniuk admitted that if there was the option of a political solution to the situation in Crimea, «the correct political decision was to start negotiations with those who today illegally elected government in Crimea with the aim of political stabilization through the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the new law of Ukraine «On the Constitution of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea»».

Yatseniuk said that such a Constitution was to provide for the formation of conditionally independent system of Finance. «I would call conditionally independent. For example, the abandonment of the disposal of the budget of the autonomy of the value-added tax, the deduction of part of the excise duty and the decision of the so-called linguistic, national, cultural and ethnic issues,» — said Yatsenyuk.

According to him, this option should be regarded as primary. «But this option will be stopped by the Russian Federation because they are not interested in a peaceful settlement of the conflict. Once again I want to stress from the military report that I heard, we are not ready for military operations, but the likelihood of a military operation by Russia ultra-high», — said Yatsenyuk in February 2014.

The Prime Minister then explained that the probability of military operations from the Russian Federation means «the blocking of the naval forces of Ukraine, which is nothing more than a military conflict.»

«And that’s why we need the second step to think that means military conflict. He will not go into the category of «frozen», I think he will go into the category of «hot», — said Yatsenyuk.

Yatsenyuk also expressed belief that the countries of the Budapest Memorandum and other countries were not prepared to provide military assistance to Ukraine during the annexation by the Russian Federation of the Crimea.

As can be seen from the transcript, Yatsenyuk recalled that in 2008 at the NATO summit in Bucharest due to non-signing of the action Plan on membership was held on Russia’s military aggression on the territory of Georgia.

«That is what is happening now with Ukraine. Unfortunately, our Western partners have refused. And today the situation was very different. Today would have been near Kiev, there were several destroyers of naval forces of the United States. Now to consider the question of accession to the NATO membership action plan or NATO in General even impossible, because it’s unreal. They will not do», — said Yatsenyuk.

The Prime Minister suggested the possibility of granting Ukraine military assistance.

«I would not like in a broad sense to talk about these things, but… no country, including the Budapest Memorandum, are not prepared to help Ukraine. They only from Iraq and Afghanistan came out, and even then not in full. Moreover, the military conflict in Central Europe… We will have to cope entirely on their own», — said Yatsenyuk.


Russia invaded and annexed Ukrainian Crimea, violating Ukraine data, in 1994 the guarantee of the sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the beginning of the «hybrid war» against Ukraine at the Donbass, secretly, without a Declaration of war by introducing troops and equipment and covering the occupation of several districts of the two Eastern regions with the help of the puppet separatist organizations.

March 15, 2015 in an interview for the film production of TV channel «Russia» «Crimea. The path to the homeland», the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin first spoke about how in the spring of 2014 gave the orders for the relocation of units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the sovereign territory of Ukraine. In particular, in order to, as he put it, «to disarm and block» the Ukrainian military contingent in the process of occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea they were sent there elite units of the Russian Main intelligence Directorate (GRU).

Earlier media reported that Russia had previously issued a medal «For returning of Crimea» with the date of the invasion on 20 February 2014.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine officially declared the beginning of temporary occupation of Crimea on 20 February 2014. Western countries also do not recognize the annexation of Crimea and imposed a series of economic sanctions.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that annexed the Peninsula can be returned only by diplomatic means. «The optimal format to start such a mechanism I consider the format «Geneva plus»: with the participation of our partners from the EU and the United States, and possibly countries-signatories of the Budapest Memorandum». According to political scientist Oleksandr Paliy, the countries of the «plus» can be France and China.

As the coordinator of the action on the blockade of the Crimea Lenur islyamov allow a military scenario of the return of the Peninsula.

The NSDC has published the transcript of the first meeting after the annexation of Crimea: the army in Ukraine, need help around the world 22.02.2016

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