The novel «Felix Austria» Sofia Andrukhovich filmed

Novel Sofia Andrukhovych «Felix Austria», which became a book of the year by BBC in 2014, it will be filmed. It is reported by the company FILM.UA Group, bought the rights to adapt the book.

While that film project is at the stage of negotiations with potential foreign partners. The producer of the film will speak Hope Zayonchkovskaya.

The novel «Felix Austria» was published in 2014 and received the award «book of the year BBC award» and «Litigant of the year.»

In 2016, the Austrian publisher Residenz Verlag released the translation of the book on the German — Austrian Roman Andrukhovych was published under the title «Paper boy». In the summer of the same year, the «Felix Austria» was published in Poland.

The producer of the film Hope Zayonchkovskaya stated that in February the project is the film adaptation will be presented at the film market at the Berlin film festival. «First and foremost, we are searching for partners in those areas where the book has already been released in Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, adds the producer. — Reading the book, I at some point realized that reading not only for pleasure, but subconsciously create a list of reasons why a book is to film».

According to Sofia Andrukhovych, she wasn’t thinking about the possible film adaptation, when he wrote the novel, but after its publication received a lot of feedback on his movies. «Was very pleased that my book is inspiring people with her want to work to turn it into something new, give history a different form, says the writer. I’m sure the script and the film will be very different from the original work. I think it will be other works — and that’s fine. I wrote a novel «Felix Austria», which is responsible. For all the rest will be with interest and pleasure to watch and cheer».

The novel «Felix Austria» takes place in Stanislav (Ivano-Frankivsk) in the late XIX — early XX century.

Who will act as the Director and script writer of the film, and when it will be released, not yet reported.

Recall that work is continuing on the adaptation of the novel by Sergei Zhadan «vorochilovgrad», the Director of which is Yaroslav Lodygin.

The novel «Felix Austria» Sofia Andrukhovich filmed 24.01.2017

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