The North Korean soldier was wounded during the flight to South Korea

A member of the armed forces of the DPRK was wounded on 13 November, during the flight through the demilitarized zone in South Korea, reports Yonhap.

As stated in the joint staff chiefs of staff of South Korea, the North Korean soldier opened fire from North Korea after it crossed the line of demarcation.

The South Korean side said that the soldier was given the necessary medical assistance, he was hospitalized.

According to officials of the joint staff of armed forces of South Korea are on full alert and ready for provocations from North Korea.

The military activity of North Korea in 2016 increased markedly.

After a series of launches of ballistic missiles, the UN has imposed against the DPRK, «the toughest set of sanctions.» The members of the UN Security Council urge the authorities of North Korea to stop developing and testing new ballistic missile technology.

On 1 June the heads of departments of the ministries of foreign Affairs of the United States, Japan and South Korea have agreed to join forces to counter North Korea. The parties agreed to increase pressure on North Korea to force its leaders to halt missile launches and other provocative acts.

On 6 July, the United States imposed personal sanctions on North Korean leader Kim Jong UN and another 10 high-ranking officials of the DPRK, and also against five organizations in connection with human rights violations.

Pyongyang in response to the decision to deploy US anti-missile systems THAAD in South Korea threatened the use of «physical measures» of exposure.

On 6 November, South Korea imposed sanctions against 18 citizens of the DPRK.

The North Korean soldier was wounded during the flight to South Korea 13.11.2017

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