The news of the easing of international requirements for establishing an anti-corruption court in Ukraine turned out to be fake – media

«Mediacommand» of administration of President of Ukraine «actively dispersing fake» that President Petro Poroshenko at the meeting with heads of the world Bank (WB) and International monetary Fund (IMF) Jim Yong Kim and Christine Lagarde at the forum in Davos convinced them to soften the requirements to the presidential draft law on the anti-corruption court. This is stated in the article «European truth».

January 11, the head of the IMF mission in Ukraine, Ron van Roden sent a letter to the presidential Administration, which criticized the bill Poroshenko. January 15 the world Bank also expressed dissatisfaction with the document, saying it does not meet the requirements of the world Bank to give Ukraine $800 million to support key reforms (the letter was sent to the Verkhovna Rada and the presidential Administration). Copies of letters published by «European truth».

But on January 26, before Poroshenko returns from Davos, the publication «Commander in chief» with reference to diplomatic sources reported that Lagarde allegedly «did not know about the ultimatum letter» criticizing the President’s bill, and the world Bank promised to dismiss satu Kähkönen, Director of the Department responsible for Ukraine (now the material on the website edition is not available). Later this news was published and other publications, in particular «Letter» and UNIAN (now the link is another news).

Further, according to the «European truth», information began to spread in the social networks of scientists that are close to the AP, and top bloggers – Victor Ukolov, Taras Chornovil, Philip Dehli, Karl Volokh, Miroslav Oleshko Olesia Yakhno-bilkivs’ka and others.

But no layoffs because of the letters to the presidential Administration was not, and the position of the IMF and the world Bank’s anti-corruption court remains unchanged, writes, and leads the official response of financial institutions.

«The IMF looks forward to working with the government and other international partners to resolve previously expressed concerns about the current wording of the draft law on Higher anti-corruption court and to bring it into full conformity with the recommendations of the Venice Commission and obligations under the program. As we noted earlier, the creation of such anti-corruption court, which would be consistent with the recommendations of the Venice Commission, is an essential component of this program,» he said.

The world Bank reports about the dismissal Kähkönen called a lie. «It would be better if the media would check the information before it spread,» – said the world Bank. The WB representatives said that none of the media has not asked them for verification of information.

«Commander in chief» has apologized to readers for «a serious mistake».

The creation in Ukraine of an anti-corruption court is one of the conditions for continuing cooperation with international financial institutions.

9 October 2017, the Venice Commission criticized the Ukrainian bills No. 6011 (attribution Deputy speaker Oksana Syroid (independent), MPs Yegor Sobolev (Samopomich), Ivan Krulko (Batkivshchyna), Sergey Leshchenko, Svetlana Zalishchuk and Moustapha Nayem (Block Poroshenko) and No. 6529 (representative of the bloc of Petro Poroshenko Sergey Alekseev) on the establishment of anticorruption courts in Ukraine. Both initiatives since withdrawn from the Verkhovna Rada.

22 December the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has submitted to Parliament a draft law No. 7440 «On Higher anti-corruption court.» 18 Jan Rada failed to include it in the agenda.

After criticism of the document from the IMF and the world Bank, the PA said that they consider the bill with the relevant recommendations of the Venice Commission. According to the President, after the first reading the draft law on anti-corruption court could be improved.

The news of the easing of international requirements for establishing an anti-corruption court in Ukraine turned out to be fake – media 31.01.2018

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