The New York Times. Should the West conclude a deal with Putin?

The New York Times asked several Western experts question whether the meaning of the West to offer Russia a deal: cancel the anti-Russian sanctions in exchange for Russian help in the fight against ISIL. Analyst opinions are divided.

«Do not use Ukraine as a bargaining chip in the negotiations on the fight against ISIS» — calls in his article Orysia lutsevych, research fellow Chatham House (London).

According to the author, for the international community, sanctions are a way of expressing disapproval of Russia’s actions in Ukraine and to warn other States of such steps.

«The sanctions also Express the solidarity of the West with those of the sovereign country in the midst of a «war by proxy» between the second-largest army in the world and the West. The lifting of sanctions would mean that Ukraine will have to continue the fight alone, would be a signal that Russian aggression is permissible,» reads the article.

«Sanctions against Russia work, do not give up on them,» recommends Kathryn Stoner-Weiss, senior research fellow at Stanford University.

According to the author, sanctions the EU and US hinder investment in Russia, as well as reduce the availability of imported goods. In Russia the recession. «Why are we going to throw the Russian authorities «lifeline» or somehow reward them for bad behavior in the international arena?» — asks the author.

Stoner-Weiss also believes that the lifting of sanctions would encourage Russia to bomb in Syria, only ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia. — Approx. ed.). «The goal of the Russian President, which he has repeatedly said, is not only to protect Russia from all the insurgents-Islamists (and, according to Putin, ISIS is just one group among many), but to revive and retain a foothold in the middle East to counterbalance U.S. influence,» explains the author.

«We need a new approach to U.S.-Russian relations» — said Jeffrey Sommers from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The author is convinced: Russian and American politicians do not understand each other. In his view, Putin wasn’t going to capture any Ukraine or even the Donbass, and just wanted to signal that it is time to change the setting on NATO enlargement.

U.S. sanctions and the EU put Russia weak impact, says the author.

In the arena of the Syrian crisis Russia and the United States can pursue common goals, I am sure the author. «It’s time to re-evaluate how effective EU sanctions and the US against Russia, and ask a question, whether they do harm to the broad objectives of the US and EU (not to mention Ukraine) instead to support them,» reads the article.

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The New York Times. Should the West conclude a deal with Putin? 11.12.2015

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