The New York Times. Pavlo Klimkin: Ukraine has made great strides, but we need our allies

«In the two years since the Revolution of Dignity Ukraine as a state has achieved greater success than ever since the proclamation of independence in 1991,» writes the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin in an article for the New York Times. He mentions in this series, the fight against corruption and a number of reforms to improve governance. Next year is expected to increase the country’s economy, says Klimkin.

«And we achieved all this under the most difficult conditions: while initiated by the Russian war, which claimed thousands of lives, and in conditions when the Russian occupation of the Crimean Peninsula and the Donbass region, undermines our economy,» the article says.

«What we have achieved over the past two years, would not be possible without the hard work and sacrifices of our people and that is extremely important, without the strong support of our partners abroad. Cooperation and EU support are very important, but Ukraine does not find a best friend and more loyal ally than the United States,» — wrote Klimkin.

The head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry notes that Donald trump had repeatedly referred to Ukraine during the election campaign. It is well known, he also expressed the wish that the United States «has established relations with Russia.»

«I agree with trump. For the future of our world and our children we all wish the best relations between the U.S. and Russia. But these relations must not be at the expense of Ukraine, the rest of Europe and US interests,» says Klimkin.

«When dealing with the Kremlin, a peaceful outcome is possible only if we negotiate from a position of strength», — stressed the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

«Until Russia will not stop its predatory actions in my country, the international community should not drop sanctions. They inflict more damage to Russia than the Kremlin is willing to admit, and this may be the only measure that at the moment, at least partially, holding back Russia», — stated in the article.

«Trump said the United States can’t do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the support of countries such as Ukraine. I agree, and our government is negotiating with European partners to remain strong. But Ukraine is not begging. My countrymen are dying every day. They die defending not only Ukraine, but also universal democratic values and freedoms that are dear to Ukrainians as well as Americans,» — stressed Klimkin.

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The New York Times. Pavlo Klimkin: Ukraine has made great strides, but we need our allies 29.11.2016

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