The New York Times. Exclusive: hackers may have greater access to Ukrainian industrial objects than previously believed

Last year, Ukraine’s energy system has undergone four cyber attacks that have led to blackouts. About this Reuters said a representative of an IT company advising the energy Ministry and Ukraine’s security services. According to him, at any time can be carried out more attacks on other industrial targets. Material publishes The New York Times.

Technical Director of the Ukrainian anti-virus laboratory Zillya! Oleg Sych reported that three cases have occurred «at the end of December in different regions of Western and Central Ukraine,» and another, less serious, in October (where exactly is not specified). Reuters emphasizes that this is «the first known cases when the power outage was caused by a cyber attack».

«The purpose could be to bring down some branches (national grid) and create a «Domino effect» to bring down the system in Ukraine or a significant part of it,» suggested Owl. With some computers one of the companies the hackers, according to him, completely removed all data. One of the four described cases raised 80 thousand consumers, the article says.

According to the opinion of an unnamed international experts on cyber security, «to attack networks aggressors sighting sent a few emails, written this way to entice employees of the energy company to click on virus infected Excel document, with which you can control the system from within». According to Reuters, the emails were disguised as «official correspondence from the Department of energy». One of them, for example, was devoted to «the levels of electricity generation in the regions.»

The first cases of infection with this virus Zillya! found in July, said the Owl. He added that the described method of penetration «is not possible without insiders», from which the attackers, according to him, the learned, «do what is used CAS (complex automated system of dispatching management) and what is controlled BY industrial equipment». Besides, as writes the words of the Owl to Reuters, «energy companies do not follow their own safety rules, allowing you to connect key computers to the Internet, although they would have to leave within the internal network».

«The worst thing is that we live on a powder keg,’ said the Owl. — We don’t know where else was broken [security]. We can protect, we can teach administrators never to open emails, but the system is already infected».

The Ukrainian «secret service and military accused Russia attacks» according to Reuters, however, from the point of view of the Owl, «unconditional evidence that the attack came from Russia». He said that «one of the emails was sent from a server of a German University, the other came from the United States.»

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The New York Times. Exclusive: hackers may have greater access to Ukrainian industrial objects than previously believed 28.01.2016

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