The New York Times. Donald trump — the Siberian candidate

«If trump chooses, whether he is a «man of Putin» in the White house?» — asks in an article in The New York Times economist Paul Krugman.

The idea is that the question is absurd: after all, trump, apparently, American patriot. But at the same time, trump the candidate is absurd. «While the recent actions of the electoral headquarters trump made so many foreign policy experts wondering what kind of power Putin has over the Republican candidate and whether this influence in the case of trump’s victory in the election,» the article says.

Krugman explains: it’s not just that trump admires the «strength» of Putin and wants to imitate his actions. «I’m talking about signs that President trump will indeed hold a Pro-Putin foreign policy to the detriment of America’s allies and its own benefit,» writes the author.

Admiration for Putin — a common phenomenon in the Republican party, he admits. But now the behavior of trump and his entourage begins to resemble sycophantic attitude to Putin.

Republicans are steadily criticized Obama for what he does little to help Ukraine. «And in the platform of the Republican party was supposed to include a statement confirming this line, but at the insistence of the representatives of the trump formulation was reduced to a toothless», — stated in the article.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, trump stated that, even if Russia attacks NATO, it will support them only if the allies (which we are obliged to protect in accordance with the contract) «has fulfilled its obligations to us,» recounts the author. (See. Donald trump sets the conditions under which the US will defend NATO allies from attacks)

Krugman admits part of these statements explains the dense ignorance of trump, does not understand that you cannot control the US government like he ran his shaky business Empire.

But is there any particular channel of influence?

The author recalls that the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump by Paul Manafort worked for many years at Victor Yanukovych (Putin ally», as it is the author).

In addition, we do not know in what condition the business Empire of trump. «But we know that he is largely, and opaque, is associated with rich Russians and Russian companies. Perhaps you will say that it is private individuals and companies, not the government, but in Putin’s Paradise crony capitalism, such distinctions mean nothing,» — said in the article.

Krugman notes: actually a hint of the trump that the US can throw its allies, enough Americans were horrified. «But there is something very strange and sinister, and we cannot turn a blind eye,» he concludes.

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The New York Times. Donald trump — the Siberian candidate 22.07.2016

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