The New York Times. Attempt hoax under the guise of an interview with Ukrainian activist

Last week in The New York Times received a letter on the letterhead with the inscription «President of Ukraine», tells the journalist The New York Times Ravi Somaiya. It contained a complaint against an editorial in which it was alleged that Petro Poroshenko did not keep his promises to pursue corruption through the courts. The letter writer asked «on a conference call with you in person», referring to the wording.

Monday’s teleconference was held. But the participants from The New York Times found the statement «Complainant», as expressed by the author, so suspicious that he refused publication of the article based on the interview and began an investigation.

Wednesday edited audio recording of the teleconference mysteriously has been posted on YouTube.

The newspaper listed that alerted journalists on a teleconference.

«The proposed Poroshenko was in the background, and we could not clearly hear his voice, and the interpreter’s voice dominated,» said journalist Carol Giacomo.

The translator told journalists that the President of Ukraine «her» (the wording of the newspaper) 500 million dollars in accounts in offshore, and also said, allegedly quoting «Poroshenko» that he does not want to return the money to your home country, including the reluctance to pay their taxes. The last statement reinforced the doubts of journalists in the reliability of the interview.

When journalist Andrew E. Kramer phoned the press service specified in the email, he said the man, who introduced himself as «Sergey Panfilov», «spoke Russian with a pronounced accent Moscow», — writes the edition.

In the beginning «Panfilov» was assured that in The New York Times asked the administration of the President of Ukraine. But then, when Kramer began to pry, «Panfilov» «admitted that it was a hoax,» said Kramer. «He said that the Kremlin was dissatisfied with» editorial «and wanted to «discredit» The New York Times, and therefore hired him to organize a bogus interview,» he repeated the words Panfilov journalist.

But the actual press-service Poroshenko denied any involvement in the attempted hoax.

«In our view, wrote in an email Yarema Spirit of the press service, this is a strange situation — a tasteless attempt to strike at the reputation and The New York Times, and President Poroshenko». According to the spirit, the administration Poroshenko assumes that the jokers «associated with some of the Russian authorities and fulfilled their orders.»

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The New York Times. Attempt hoax under the guise of an interview with Ukrainian activist 14.04.2016

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