The new Ukrainian: Mund recorded an album on the bones of animals, and «Griboyedov House» in the station microphone

Kyiv photographer of Pimin of David released their debut album Hunting my electronic project Mund, writes Cultprostir.

«This album is about nature, about human nature, about how people can be internally like an animal,» says Pimin.

The album includes 12 tracks. Party bits in these compositions performed by tools made from animal bones, which, according to Pyman of David, died a violent death. These tools provided the Lviv musician Andrew Laskowho makes them as a result of long travel in India. Also in the album you can hear the Hunting horns and stringed, guitar and electronic instrument, the theremin.

«Recording this album, I took a shamanic trance rhythms. We can say that all the tracks created the most intuitive, says David. They constitute a single story, but each of them are a little out of context. So between some tracks you can feel some kind of abyss.»

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian band «Dom Griboedova» presented fourth Studio album entitled «7».

«The album «7» on the number, not the number, explain the members of the group. – The numbers hidden sentimentality, and the figure is only a statement of fact, which we did not hesitate to speak of depravity».

«Building G
«Dom Griboedova» have returned to rehearsals in the fall of 2015 after a rather long break. According to the musicians, ideas by that time had accumulated more than enough.

Room for the recording of the album «7» has found a sound engineer and bass guitarist of the band «Citizen Topinambur» Maxim Grusevich: «I don’t like studios, Studio, binds, limits in time and space. When a musician looks at the «counter», it’s hard to think about the flow and drive. It was decided to record all in one familiar basement using minimal equipment. By the way, the vocals were recorded in an old Soviet microphone taken in an abandoned catacombs, which, apparently, was used by the station managers. It seems to me, this recording conveys the energy of a live performance, the spirit of rock-n-roll, so to speak.»

«We recorded a relatively short time – approximately 2 days were spent on each tool. The vocal recording took longer, because I wanted to hone the lyrics and the flow to the desired state. The release is planned for autumn, but failed equipment, so the album was already released in 2017», – said the musicians from «Griboyedov House».

Live, they present the album «7» on January 21 in the Dnieper art-center «kvartira».

Earlier, the new album released by Ukrainian ethno-chaos group «DakhaBrakha».

The new Ukrainian: Mund recorded an album on the bones of animals, and «Griboyedov House» in the station microphone 11.01.2017

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