The new silk road: London, the first train arrived from China

The network has published a video of the arrival in London on 18 January the first train from China, which were sent on 1 January. A video posted on YouTube.

Freight rail connections with the European countries is part of a larger project of China called «New silk road». For 18 days, the train covered a distance of 12 thousand kilometers through Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France.

Train includes 34 containers of Chinese goods, mostly clothes. Transportation of goods by train is cheaper than by plane, and is faster than the courts on the sea.

Note the movement of cargo by train from Ukraine to bypass Russia on the route of the new silk road is unprofitable because of the inconsistency of the joint tariff policy between Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. This was in April of 2016, said the Director of the freight and logistics PJSC «Ukrzaliznytsia» Ivan Fedorko, reports UKRINFORM.

«The rate that is set from the border (Ukraine) to the station of Dostyk on the border of China and Kazakhstan, is very uncompetitive. On this tariff need to work,» he said.

«For its part, Ukraine has reduced the tariff. Azerbaijan and Georgia have promised to reduce. We have to work with Kazakhstan to he reduced, and get the rate that will be competitive,» the official said.

Fedorko noted that, subject to the approval of tariffs by the prospect of using this route is maintained.

«Requests for cargo transportation we already have: confectionery, sugar, Kazakh coal, meat, milk powder, condensed milk and other goods,» he concluded.

An alternative way of export of goods from Ukraine to Asia to bypass Russia — a new «silk road» was presented in the sea port of Ilyichevsk January 15, 2016.

Ukrainian train reached China on the 16th day of the trip in the night from 30 to 31 January 2016, and returned only on April 17 for lack of orders.

The new silk road: London, the first train arrived from China 19.01.2017

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