The new President of the European Parliament was the «right» Italian Tajani

The representative of the European people’s party Antonio Tajani was elected the new head of the European Parliament.

Of the fourth in a secret ballot today in Strasbourg, has declared former President of the EP Martin Schulz, reports «UKRINFORM».

Antonio Tajani – the protege of the European people’s party (Christian Democrats).

Previously, he was Vice-President of the European Commission and Vice-Chairman of the European Parliament.

«I will be President for all. And I will respect all members of Parliament and all political groups. Europe can count on my full availability,» he addressed the newly elected President to the deputies.

The new President will preside for the next two and a half years – until the end of the legislative term of the Parliament in 2019.

The procedure, a secret ballot can take place in four rounds. If in the first three, none of the candidates receive the absolute majority (50% plus one vote), then in the fourth there are two that have received the most votes in comparison with others. Then the winner is the candidate who received the majority of the ordinary in front of his opponent.

If both candidates scored in the fourth round of the same number of votes, the President of the European Parliament is elected by the eldest.

Recall that the procedure for the election of the new Chairman began at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday, January 17.

The first attempt to elect the President of the EP was a flop. A second attempt was crucial.

The new President of the European Parliament was the «right» Italian Tajani 18.01.2017

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