The new head of the Odessa regional state administration told about the first sign of trouble

The Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov accused the officials of the Ministry of health that «they do not know about the situation on the ground.» About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

«Invited the head of the Department of health list of purchased medicines for cancer patients the number of lost lives. People Jun do not receive the medication! With Jun!!! 13 million allocated for these needs, digesting could not, — tells me quietly, the Director of the Department. Like this?? That is, the situation is this: the health care system all this time did not work, the profile of the Department, as such, no, just the ruins! Instructed the rest of the day to provide information, when it will begin procurement», — he wrote.

«The same with the creation of a center for health care… clear the project is still there. Charged for 3 days to gather up the pile, finally, all the documents and prepare an appeal to the local authorities, to make calculations and get me. Concerning hospital districts. I do not know how the meetings in the Ministry of health. But they don’t know about the situation on the ground. Odessa oblast needs in 5 hospital districts, as plan in the Ministry of health, and at least — 10! Otherwise it will be a social explosion», — said Stepanov.

«About orphans separate issue. Today we have 5.5 thousand such children. Housing is not half! Ask the head of service for children in the districts were? With local authorities communicated? Answers: only with the leadership of Anan. There are no words to explain…But, in order to provide these children with housing, necessary co — financing from the state budget, regional and local. For each area waiting for a clear data till Thursday,» — concluded the head of the Odessa region.

Earlier it was reported that after the appointment Stepanova Odessa regional state administration coming large-scale personnel changes.

The new head of the Odessa regional state administration told about the first sign of trouble 07.02.2017

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