The new head of the Board of «PrivatBank» shall appoint in the near future

The new head of the Board of «PrivatBank» shall appoint in the near future, writes «RBC-Ukraine» with reference to sources in the government.

The sources are unsure, but do not exclude that this will happen in 2017.

The article States that the government expects to end this year to approve the development strategy of the state banks and separately – a strategy to «PrivatBank». According to «RBC-Ukraine», these documents are being approved, they can be submitted to the Cabinet next week.

The acting head of the Board of «PrivatBank» is Galina Pahachuk, to it this post was occupied by Oleksandr Shlapak.

According to a government decision of December 18, 2016, the state of 100% became the owner of «PrivatBank».

5 June 2017, the Centre for the investigation of corruption and organized crime OCCRP reported that «PrivatBank» for 2015-2016 has issued over $1 billion in loans to 28 companies, which were controlled by individuals associated with the former owner of the Bank Igor Kolomoisky.

July 7 in the NAB said that the state suffered damages in the amount of recapitalization of the Bank to 116.8 billion.

NBU in July published a report financial audit of «PrivatBank», conducted by Ernst&Young according to which on the eve of the nationalization of the Bank was a financial pyramid.

After that, the ex-Bank owners, as well as associated offshore and individuals have filed dozens of lawsuits in the Ukrainian courts in which to appeal against the procedure of nationalization and demand compensation for related financial losses.

December 19 London’s High court issued the order «about the worldwide seizure of assets Kolomoisky and the other former shareholder of PrivatBank, Hennadiy Bogolubov.

The decision was issued on the basis of information provided to the court arguments showing that Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov brought out of «PrivatBank» about $2 billion through a series of illegal operations, said in the financial institution.

«PrivatBank», nationalized by the state in December 2016, plans to return the funds, which amount together with interest is more than $2.5 billion.

Kolomoisky said that the court seized his assets «during the pendency of the case.»

The new head of the Board of «PrivatBank» shall appoint in the near future 21.12.2017

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