The Network began videolesson in support of ATO fighters

Users of social networks began extremely insightful, sincere and Patriotic flash mob in support of Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the Donbas. Video posted on the YouTube channel of «the Future Citizens», transfers «5 channel».

The action was begun, the people of Kiev. Anyone wishing to join the gratitude using the hashtag #decaussade. The mob has already joined the Ministry of defense, which distributed the movie in which Ukrainians thank the soldiers for «protecting our city from the war.»

«To thank military want so many people that we didn’t know how all of them fit into one movie. Pair from Lugansk who fled from the «Russian world», with tears in his eyes talked and talked about how important to them the feat of the APU. The girl from Mariupol, that the thanks of the battalion «Azov». A volunteer from Kharkov. Ukrainian, Russian, children, parents, seniors, teenagers, lawyers, tattoo artists, managers, skaters, men and women,» – said the author of the video and the flashmob.

Earlier, Patriotic flash mob, organized in the occupied Lugansk: daredevils in the city centre photographed with the Ukrainian flag.

The Network began videolesson in support of ATO fighters 11.11.2016

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