The Netherlands and Belgium have agreed to share parts of territories

The Netherlands and Belgium signed an agreement on the exchange of small parts of the territory on the border between the two countries.

This was announced by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands on Monday.

«Foreign Minister Bert Koenders and his Belgian counterpart Didier Reynders on Monday signed a border agreement and moved the border between Netherlands and Belgium», — stated in the message.

As a result, the part of the territory, which belonged to the Netherlands, move to Belgium and Vice versa.

We are talking about areas near the river Maas, which divides the territory of the Netherlands and Belgium. As a result of engineering works on the river in the 60-80-ies appeared several Islands, one of which was the Belgian island, however, was inaccessible from the territory of Belgium. Law enforcement authorities of Belgium could get there except by boat or by special permission of the authorities of the Netherlands. As a result began to experience problems with the crime situation on the island.

As expected in the Dutch foreign Ministry, the signing of the agreement will put an end to the inconvenience and resolve the situation.

Earlier it was reported that the island, which prior to the exchange with the Netherlands belonged to Belgium covers an area of about 15 football fields. Belgium was to receive a small portion of land around the gateway, built to improve transport links between the two countries.

According to Dutch media, a deal needs to be approved by the parliaments of both countries.

Recall also that the law enforcement agencies of the two countries face territorial issues for the first time. For example, in 2008, police investigating the murder that occurred on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, I had to simultaneously solve a difficult problem – the body of a woman found in a house built right on the border, and part of the house where the murder occurred, was in the territory of Belgium.

The Netherlands and Belgium have agreed to share parts of territories 28.11.2016

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