The nervousness of the Kremlin for military exercises means that are afraid of us — Poroshenko

President Petro Poroshenko believes that the sharp reaction of the Kremlin on the Ukrainian military exercises near the Crimea shows that in Russia, Ukraine I’m afraid. He said this before the presentation of awards to servicemen on occasion of Day of armed forces of Ukraine.

According to him, the combat power of the Ukrainian army has significantly increased in the last time, reports «Ukrainian Truth».

«The effectiveness of the work witnessed during the recently conducted a test-flight test anti-aircraft guided missiles. The only thing in Moscow a little nervous. This means that we have done well and right,» he said.

Overall in 2016, he said, has conducted more than 500 military exercises in Ukraine and abroad, including with the involvement of instructors NATO and the EU.

Poroshenko added that starting in 2016, on military service under the contract has been accepted 65 900 soldiers.

He also spoke about improving the security of army, stating that in 2016, the companies delivered approximately 1,300 units of new and modernized weapons and equipment, another 700 units have been repaired.

In addition, according to him, a lot of military equipment put the Western partners of Ukraine.

«Now run over 40 contracts to supply us with various means of defense for a total amount of – imagine – half a billion dollars,» he said.

According to him, these countries also provided armored vehicles, drones, surveillance devices, communications and equipment, which «will not speak on camera».

Poroshenko also said that 278 wounded soldiers were treated in 19 countries, 257 of them have already returned.

According to Poroshenko, the total number of victims during the military conflict with Russia has reached 10 thousand people, of which 7500 – civil.

«This is a mortal sin on the souls of the higher military-political leadership of the Russian Federation, which seeks to restore the Empire and despises the life of the people,» he said.

According to him, in the occupied territories of Donbass are 700 tanks, 1200 armored combat vehicles, more than 1,000 artillery systems and more than 300 multiple rocket launcher systems of fire.

«On the one hand, this presence, however, shows that they fear us. On the other hand, this suggests that at any moment we can move not only all this, but that is concentrated and looming over them on the other side of the Ukrainian-Russian border», – he said.

Poroshenko also awarded gold star of Hero of Ukraine to relatives of Ukrainian soldiers Andriy Snitko and Sergey’s Tabelithat at 18 years of age was killed near Ilovaysk in Donetsk airport, respectively.

As you know, before Ukraine held military exercises in the Kherson oblast, Russia sent a note in which he threatened to shoot down a Ukrainian rocket and destroy the launcher. This threat was not implemented.

The nervousness of the Kremlin for military exercises means that are afraid of us — Poroshenko 06.12.2016

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