The NEB refuses to provide Martynenko the materials of the case for lack of evidence — the lawyer

The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine refused to provide the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the «popular front» Mykola Martynenko the entire case for review, the reason is the lack of evidence. This was said by his lawyer Petro Boyko, reported to the edition «GORDON» the press service Martynenko.

«NABOO more than two years in the PR the so-called business Martynenko and in the end announced the completion of the investigation. However, when Mykola Martynenko 9 January 2018 law-abiding came to familiarize with the case materials (claimed 200 volumes), NABU refused to give them, limiting the individual pieces in 10 volumes, – said Boyko. – NABOO were not even able to provide a list of all materials. It seems that no 200 volumes do not exist, and NABOO in a hurry trying to sculpt something in the last moment.»

Martynenko wrote a statement about refusal to be personally acquainted with the materials, to be done by a lawyer, he added.

In a press-service eks-the Deputy stressed that NAB could «only produce waste paper».

«That will never hold up in any court. All those involved in the fraud Mykola Martynenko will be brought to criminal responsibility,» – reads the statement of the press service.

Martynenko is suspected of illegal appropriation of funds of the companies «Energoatom» and «VostGOK». The suspects in the case are 11 people, five of them are wanted.

According to the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Nazar Golodnitsky, a former Deputy threatens till 12 years of imprisonment.

22 APR 2017 Solomensky regional court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint Martynenko in the form of personal guarantees. He stood up the 18 politicians.

9 January 2018, the NAB announced the completion of the investigation and on the admission Martynenko its contribution.

The NEB refuses to provide Martynenko the materials of the case for lack of evidence — the lawyer 10.01.2018

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