The NBU is preparing a stress test of banks 33

The national Bank of Ukraine next week to start stress-testing of 33 banks, accounting for only 2% of banking system assets. This was during a round table on the theme: «a Simplified procedure for the capitalization and restructuring of banks,» said Deputy Chairman of the national Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova, UKRINFORM reported.

«I hope that starting probably from next week we will begin diagnostic testing of the remaining banks. It is 33 of the Bank which by their small size, as 60 banks (which have passed stress tests — ed.) accounted for 98 per cent of banking system assets. That is — it is only 2% of the assets, or 33 of the Bank, which we will diagnose,» said Rozhkov.

According to her, it was likely that the banks will not pass the «scan test», since most of them are a consequence of the so-called banking «baby boom», so «today investors in these banks are gone.»

Deputy Chairman of the NBU said that now 60 banks completed the stress test, of which 21 banks did not need recapitalisation, and 9 have already completed a recapitalization program.

Earlier it was reported that banks with Russian capital in Ukraine are currently limited to operations, working under the supervision of the curator and looking for a buyer.

The NBU is preparing a stress test of banks 33 09.02.2017

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