The national Council has restricted the broadcasting of the channel «TV club» because of the «cops» and Gazmanov

The national Council on television and radio for 3 months limited broadcast channel «Teleclub» under the jurisdiction of Germany, in the Ukrainian cable networks because of the demonstration of the banned Russian TV series, according to the website of the national Council.

As a result of monitoring the channel, held from 15 to 19 December 2016, the detected stream number is prohibited on the territory of Ukraine shows: «COP in the law» (9th season), «Profile of a killer 2», «Shooting mountains», «Golden boys», «Hope». «In the TV series «COP in the law» and «killer Profile 2» shows the Russian law enforcement bodies, in violation of article 15-1 of the law of Ukraine «On cinematography», which refers to the inadmissibility of promotion of the security forces of the aggressor.

In addition, in the movie «Shooting mountain» recorded musical piece «Frontier» performed by Oleg Gazmanov, which is listed in the list of persons posing a threat to national security of Ukraine», – said the national Council.

It is noted that the regulator could not rule out «Teleclub» from the list of foreign programs that are allowed to relay, according to the usual procedure, since Germany ratified the European Convention on transfrontier television.

As noted in the national Council, after the first discovery of the violation by the TV channel of the Ukrainian legislation in August and September 2016, the regulator turned to «Sonar», which is the distributor of the channel in Ukraine, with the request to inform copyright holders of TV channel on violations of legislation and to take measures to eliminate them.

«According to the General Director of «Sonar» A. Pigina, the relevant information was communicated to the Director of «SMG Broadcasting LTD» N. Hodakova«, — informs the regulator.

Meanwhile, the national Council emphasize that as at December 2016 of program policy of TV channel «TV club» in the relay on the territory of Ukraine has not changed.

About the decision to suspend the retransmission of TV channel the Council also intends to notify Plenipotentiary of the regulatory authority in the field of broadcasting Germany.

Earlier, the national Council for television and radio broadcasting Council ordered Ukrainian providers to stop relaying Russian TV channel «Rain».

The national Council has restricted the broadcasting of the channel «TV club» because of the «cops» and Gazmanov 13.01.2017

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