The national Council has appointed check of STB

The national Council on television and radio has appointed an unscheduled inspection of the TV channel «STB» for participation in its program the Russian military, who fought on the side of the militants in ORDA. This decision took control Thursday, January 19, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

As reported, the evening of 15 January, the STB TV channel aired the show «Battle of psychics» with the participation of the Russian military, which «served» in Ukraine.

The show took 6 men dressed in camouflage. One of them said that «recently served in Ukraine», where it «abused, forced to dig my own grave».

On 16 January the Chairman of the Board of JSC «international Media Centre — STB» Vladimir Borodyansky has apologized for the showing of this program «Battle of psychics» and promised that the employees who made the program output into the air, fired.

The national Council has appointed check of STB 19.01.2017

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