The national Council for broadcasting has issued the channel «1+1» a license for broadcasting in advance

The national Council on television and radio broadcasting gave the TV channel «1+1» the form of the license for terrestrial analogue broadcasting with extended.

On Thursday January 5, said at a press conference the Minister Yuriy Artemenko, reports UNIAN.

«The form of the license of TV channel «1+1″ was signed. We are waiting for documentary evidence that the beneficial owners have not changed,» he said.

According to «UKRINFORM», Deputy Chairman of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting Juliana feschuk stated that despite the fact that still has not received an official document stating who is the beneficiary of the channel «1+1», the form decided to give today in order to ease tensions in society, journalists ‘ team regarding this situation.

«I want to emphasize that the national Council stands and will stand on the principles of freedom of speech and the steady observance of citizens’ rights to information. So this step we are doing sooner,» said feschuk.

At the same time, she stressed that the General Director of TV channel Alexander Tkachenko came to the Council and showed the letter that the beneficiary of the channel «1+1» is Igor Kolomoisky. But did not register this letter officially through the office of the national Council, so the Council members will be looking to channel an official document registered by all the rules.

Earlier, the TV channel «1+1» said that on December 29, 2016 is the deadline of its license for broadcasting, and the national Council this licence does not extend. It was argued that the Administration is trying to hand over control of the canal to other hands.

In response, the national Council announced that the license to the TV channel «1+1» is already extended, and its form will be issued prior to January 23.

The Chairman of the national Council Yuriy Artemenko said that the TV channel «1+1″ must provide updated information on the ultimate beneficiaries because of the recent nationalization PrivatBank». Artemenko said that on 28 December the Deputy Chairman of the national Council Juliana Feshchuk sent «1+1» a formal request by the beneficiaries.

«1+1», a nationwide Ukrainian private TV channel, founded on 3 September 1995. Broadcast coverage — 95% of the territory of Ukraine. The ultimate beneficial owner is an ex-shareholder of PrivatBank of businessman Igor Kolomoisky. In August 2008, the General Director of group of companies «1+1» was Alexander Tkachenko, who runs the channel and the media holding «1+1 Media». «1+1 Media» is one of the largest media holdings in Ukraine. The group includes 5 channels– «1+1», «2+2», TET, «1+1 International» and other media assets.

The national Council for broadcasting has issued the channel «1+1» a license for broadcasting in advance 05.01.2017

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